An Afternoon in the Bath

A lemon fanfic

by Robert [email protected]

The characters in this fanfic are property of SquareSoft and are in no way affiliated with me. If vivid descriptions of sexual activities offend you, please do not go on.

Quistis was planning on meeting Rinoa for a good hot soak in the baths but, as she was unable to locate her, she decided to go on down to the basement and wait for her in the bath. Quistis took the elevator down to the basement and headed for the bath area.

A wooden wall separated the men and women’s sauna baths. There was a strict Garden rule prohibiting men and women from sharing the same bath together; in fact they were not even supposed to be in the bath area at the same time. There were very rigid guidelines regarding the times of the day the different sexes were allowed in the bath area. Quistis rechecked her watch just to be on the safe side.

Ascertaining she indeed was here at the appropriate hour, she entered the small dressing area on the women’s side of the baths. Quistis quickly removed her outfit, taking care to hang her orange blouse and long skirt up and placing her detachable sleeves and long brown boots on a bench. She hadn’t been wearing her usual orange thong, because she was feeling particularly horny today and she found it sexually exciting to be nude beneath her outfit. She took down a huge towel from a stack of towels provided by the Garden and proceeded into the bath area. She laid her towel carefully on the side of the bath and eased herself down slowly into the bath.

“Ah” she thought, “Now that’s more like it.” Quistis sat there for a few moments with her head resting on the back wall of the bath with her eyes closed basically thinking about nothing, when she heard a sudden noise. She opened her eyes expecting to discover Rinoa, but instead observed Seifer, Raijin and Fujin looming over her standing at the edge of the bath!

“Seifer!” Quistis squealed, “What are you doing here?” while instinctively attempting to cover herself, even through she realized they would be hard pressed to see any part of her body through the steamy water.

“Is that any way to greet a former student?” Seifer asked sarcastically. “You’re looking good, Instructor, but I can’t really see you. Rage, pick her up!”

Before Quistis could react, Raijin reached down with one large arm and pulled Quistis completely out of the bath causing her other arm to flop uselessly by her side! As the threesome gazed upon the heavenly form of Quistis with her fully ripened breasts and splendid vagina on full display, she was utterly dismayed to observe Fujin beginning to quickly disrobe!

Before Quistis could articulate any sort of protest, Fujin was removing her bra and panties revealing her rather large breasts and mons pubis. “My God!” Quistis thought, “She’s the same color down there too!”

“You’ve grown in all the right places, Instructor” Seifer complimented and then ordered Raijin to set her on the floor. When Raijin complied, Fujin stepped forward and pasted her mouth over Quistis’s, completely cutting off her means of communication. Fujin snaked her tongue into Quistis’s mouth and, reaching down with her left hand, began to manipulate Quistis’s clitoris. Fujin held Quistis close to her by placing her right hand in the small of Quistis’s back, although in truth Quistis was not struggling, but on the contrary was already becoming sexually aroused by Fujin’s attentions.

As Fujin continued in her manipulations, Quistis observed Seifer and Raijin quickly disrobing until they were naked as she and Fujin. Quistis’s eyes became wide with wonderment, as she perceived Seifer give two or three quick yanks on his penis causing it to become monstrously erect in a matter of seconds.

“My God!” Quistis thought, “I want that inside of me right now!”

Seifer stepped up and, placing one big hand on Fujin’s shoulder, pulled her out of the way. He lowered his knees until he could insert his huge erection into Quistis’s already damp vagina and slid it all the way in. He then reached down with his hands and, grasping the back of both of her legs, he picked her up completely off the floor while Quistis wrapped her legs around his waist. Seifer began to thrust mightily, while Quistis groaned loudly.

While Quistis hung on to the wild ride with her arms wrapped around the back of Seifer’s neck and her long beautifully shaped legs wrapped around his waist and he continued to pound wildly into her beautiful vagina with his turgid nine-inch penis, she noted with some amusement Raijin had now clambered aboard Fujin’s vagina, that was framed by silver pubic hair, and was working his member in and out. Quistis thought cattily to herself “I bet that thing’s worn out with Raijin and Seifer around.”

Seifer was so incredibly strong he began walking around the bath area, while continuing to thrust far inside of her with his nine-inch penis. The sensations Quistis was experiencing led her to believe Seifer’s probing penis would soon be coming out of her rectum, if he didn’t experience his orgasm soon! She suddenly felt her orgasm approaching. “Harder, harder” Quistis gasped as Seifer did as ordered and unbelievably began to thrust with his penis even more vigorously into the beautiful young woman.

“Oh God!” Quistis screamed as she felt Seifer’s hot load of semen shot up her extraordinarily beautiful vagina as if delivered from a high-pressured fire hose, which in turn triggered her own orgasm that cascaded from her.

Suddenly Rinoa entered the bath area wrapped in a huge towel and witnessed a scene that appeared to her as something from a Hieronymus Bosch painting. “What in holy hell is going on here?” she screamed.

Seifer spun his head around from his present sexual preoccupation with Quistis and exclaimed with extreme happiness “Rinoa!” “How good to see you again after all this time.”

“Seifer!” Rinoa angrily exclaimed, “What in the hell do you all think you’re doing here?”

“Something I’ve been waiting to do for a long time” explained Seifer, as he suddenly deposited Quistis on to her feet and walked toward the startled Rinoa with his nine-inch extended penis in front of him, as if it was a dowsing stick seeking out water. He reached out quickly and pulled her huge towel off leaving the beautiful young woman stark naked and blushing furiously.

“Seifer!” Rinoa protested, while unsuccessfully attempting to cover her large, beautiful breasts and mons pubis that was covered with soft, brunette, pubic hair. Seifer pulled her hands down effortlessly and stood gazing at her immense beauty. As Rinoa began to squirm in an attempt to loosen Seifer’s grasp on her hands, he pulled her toward him and, leaning down, he began to kiss her, pushing his tongue past her teeth and into the deep recesses of her mouth. Seifer was so much taller than the beautiful Rinoa that his stiffened penis was rubbing against her left nipple, as he continued to passionately kiss her. She felt her nipple instantly grow erect, despite herself.

Seifer dropped her left hand and reached down with his and inserted his middle finger into Rinoa’s already dripping vagina, while she moved her now liberated left hand onto his rock hard penis and began to stroke it vigorously.

Beside herself with raw lust, Quistis crossed to where Seifer and Rinoa were sexually involved and easily squatted behind Rinoa, which left Quistis’s beautiful posterior almost brushing the floor. She very carefully removed Seifer’s fingers and replaced them with her tongue.

Thrusting her tongue up Rinoa’s distended vagina, Quistis quickly located her clitoris and began manipulating it as quickly as she could. Rinoa felt herself to be near orgasm and she began pulling on Seifer’s penis harder and harder. Suddenly Seifer’s penis began to explode its hot load of sperm into Rinoa’s hand and all over her beautiful nude body, as she began to experience her own orgasm. “God damn” she screamed as her cum rolled from her remarkable vagina into Quistis’s mouth. Quistis drank down every drop and then sat on the floor and watched as Raijin and Fujin completed their sexual congress by simultaneously experiencing orgasms.

Later, after the unholy three had dressed and exited the bath area, Rinoa and Quistis sat quietly totally submerged in the bath except for their heads, when Squall suddenly appeared from the male dressing area with a towel chastely wrapped around his middle.

“Squall!” Rinoa exclaimed, “What are you doing here?”

“I’ve been looking for you and I heard you were here.”

“Squall” Rinoa explained pedantically “You’re not allowed to be in the women’s bath.”

“So who’s going to complain?” “I’m in charge of the entire Garden” he responded quite arrogantly, while dropping his towel at his feet.

“Squall!” Rinoa protested, “Cover yourself!” “Quistis is here!”

Quistis noted with intense interest that his penis was quite large, even in its flaccid state and he was uncircumcised. “That’s one beautiful man,” Quistis thought.

Squall approached the bath with his large penis flopping against his thigh and lowered himself in the bath between Rinoa and Quistis. “Ah” he said, “This feels much better.”

“Squall” Rinoa continued to protest, “This isn’t right.” “You and I are lovers and what we share should be kept private.”

“Rinoa” Squall responded patiently as if speaking to a small child, “The person who told me you were in the bath was Seifer.”

As it slowly began to dawn on Rinoa what Squall had actually meant, she began to blush furiously and answered in a meek voice “Oh.” Quistis laughed out loud.

Squall arose suddenly and loomed over the seated Rinoa. Inexplicably she felt threatened, even though Squall had always been completely gentle with her, no matter what hare brained stunt she became involved in. As he stood with his now erect eight-inch penis pointing at Rinoa’s mouth, she understood what he expected and she took his turgid member into her mouth and began to suck on it.

She continued to work her mouth around Squall’s heavenly penis, taking as much of it as possible deeper and deeper into her mouth. Quistis moved much closer to the cavorting couple until the tip of her nose was practically touching the stem of Squall’s erection to obtain a better view of Rinoa’s technique. She had always heard around the Garden that Rinoa was an expert at giving head and she wanted to see for herself.

Rinoa, upon noticing Quistis’s sudden behavior, blushed furiously at the thought of her good friend witnessing her and Squall’s intimate moments, and thought “Quistis is acting so gauche.” It suddenly occurred to Rinoa that the situation resembled a favorite sexual fantasy of her’s, in which she and Squall are making love on a table in the crowded cafeteria at dinnertime and everyone is watching them and making obscene comments about her.

Rinoa suddenly became so sexually aroused from the thought of her fantasy coming true with Quistis witnessing their love making that she felt herself on the edge of achieving orgasm. Removing her mouth from Squall’s turgid penis, she looked up at him and explained “I want you inside of me.” Quistis again laughed nervously.

Squall lowered himself to a sitting position in front of Rinoa and she carefully climbed up on his eight-inch penis and lowered herself on it until it was inserted fully into her completely distended vagina. “Oh” she gasped as she felt intense sexual pleasure when Squall’s member was completely inserted.

Squall began thrusting his rock hard penis up the spectacularly beautiful Rinoa, again and again. “Oh, it feels so good” she cooed, as Squall thrust his massive manhood up and down in her splendid vagina.

Suddenly Quistis lost complete control of herself and lowered her head and began to suck on Rinoa’s right nipple, while rubbing Rinoa’s left nipple with her left hand.

“Quistis!” Rinoa protested, “This is not a threesome.”

Quistis laughed and moved her right hand around Rinoa’s lovely posterior and proceeded to insert three fingers up her extremely tight rectum and began to move them in and out quickly.

“Oh my God!” Rinoa screamed, “That hurts, stop it, Quistis!”

Suddenly the intense pain Rinoa was experiencing turned to intense pleasure and it was more than enough in combination with Squall’s huge penis thrusting up inside of her vagina to carry her over the edge and she began to reach her climax, with cum rolling out of her. “I love you, Squall” she shouted as she experienced one orgasm after another.

When Rinoa finally stopped moving on Squall’s turgid penis, completely satiated momentarily and actually nearing exhaustion from all of her sexual activity of the last hour, Squall allowed her to remove herself from his still rock hard penis, even though he hadn’t yet experienced his own sexual climax, and to sit gratefully in the bath, with her cum still leaking from her gaping labia.

As Quistis had remained kneeling next to Rinoa, Squall placed his strong hands on her waist and pulled himself up to a kneeling position and proceeded to slide his penis into Quistis’s vagina from behind.

“Oh shit!” Quistis shouted, “You’re so big!”

Rinoa made a feeble attempt to protest but, in her near state of exhaustion, decided it wasn’t worth the effort. Besides, she thought wickedly, it would do Quistis some good to discover what she had been missing.

After observing Squall thrusting his massive manhood in and out of Quistis’s tight vagina for several minutes, Rinoa felt a little stronger physically and decided turn-about was fair play. Rinoa positioned herself in front of Quistis and reaching out with her right hand she tilted Quistis’s head up and then leaned her own head down and began to passionately kiss Quistis pushing her tongue into the startled young woman’s beautiful mouth. Rinoa thrust her tongue all around the deep recesses of Quistis’s beautiful mouth until suddenly Quistis began to return the favor and pushed her tongue into Rinoa’s mouth. Rinoa drew back slightly and began to probe Quistis’s tongue with her tongue. Quistis moaned even louder in sexual ecstasy from the combined sexual efforts of Squall and Rinoa.

Rinoa reached down with both hands and grasped Quistis’s breasts and began squeezing them gently and then rubbing the nipples. Quistis began to scream “Oh God!” “I can’t stand it!” as she began to climax. Squall joined the beautiful Quistis in sexual union, as he began to shoot his load of hot semen up inside the orphan’s spectacular body. “Lion Heart” Squall screamed.

A few moments later, as the three teenagers lolled in the bath feeling completely sexually satiated, Rinoa suddenly exclaimed, “Let’s all meet in the baths tomorrow afternoon and do the same thing.”

Squall shot the palm of his right hand up to his forehead and shook his head in disbelief.

The End