The Surprise Birthday Party

 A lemon fanfic by Robert [email protected]

 The characters in this fanfic are property of SquareSoft and are in no way affiliated with me. If vivid descriptions of sexual activities offend you, please do not go on in your reading.

 One week following the destruction of Sorceress Ultimecia and the world being returned to normalcy, Zell, Irvine, Selphie and the pigtail girl were sitting around an early morning coffee shop table, when Rinoa walked in.

 “Whoa” Irvine exclaimed surprised, “What’s Rinoa doing here so early?”

 Selphie said, “It’s her birthday, stupid.” Selphie had continued to be highly upset over Irvine’s behavior at the Garden celebration party after they had returned from time compression.

 Selphie continued, “She’s come to remind us of her birthday. I guarantee you the second thing out of her mouth will be some reference to it.”

 Zell chimed in “There’s a surprise party at my house this evening.”

Selphie shot him a withering glance, as she quickly said “Shh! Here she comes now.”

Rinoa approached the table and loudly greeted “Good Morning, everybody” and displayed her award winning smile. As Rinoa sat down, she said, “Guess what?” “Today’s my birthday.”

“Oh, that’s nice,” responded Irvine. “How old are you?”

Selphie gave Irvine such a deadly kick beneath the table that he quickly stood up and replied, “Well, I’ve got to go” and limped off from the table.

Zell, taking the pigtail girl by the arm, stood up with her and said, “We need to get going too.”

Selphie looked at Rinoa, who was sitting with her mouth open poised to answer Irvine’s question and said, “I’ve got to run too.” “Mata ne” explained Selphie, as she arose and exited the coffee shop.

Rinoa thought to herself “Well, how do you like that?” “What was that all about?”


As Squall and Rinoa were eating lunch in the cafeteria, Rinoa spoke disheartened “I can’t believe it. Not one of my friends wished me a happy birthday this morning.”

Squall leaned over and kissed her cheek and grinned “Happy Birthday.”

“Oh, I don’t mean you” she retorted.

“Never mind about them,” suggested Squall. “Zell said we could use his house all night, since his parents are going to be out of town for some reason.”

“Oh, Squall,” gushed Rinoa “That’ll be wonderful.” “That’s a great birthday present for us to be able to spend a night together out of that tiny room of yours.”

Squall began thinking of the immense logistics involved with procuring enough cake and ice cream for all the people he had invited for Rinoa’s surprise birthday party. There was even people coming from Zell’s neighborhood. And he had to remember the punch for any children present and the liquor for the adults!

Rinoa promised, “I’ll wear something incredibly sexy this evening.”

“Oh, good” Squall replied distractedly, while wondering where he could locate all the tables he was going to need.


Rinoa was in Zell’s house a few minutes before seven o’clock in the evening. Squall had informed her he would meet her at seven and she wanted to be prepared for him so she left the Garden before him and traveled to Balamb via a Balamb City Yellow Cab. Rinoa went directly up the stairs and into Zell’s bedroom. She quickly stripped off her outfit and then her bra and panties. She had promised him she would wear something incredibly sexy and she didn’t know anything sexier, than her body au naturel.

Rinoa hurried to the bathroom in order to brush and groom her hair and apply fresh makeup. She was just finishing when she heard Squall call from the foot of the stairs. “Rinoa, come down here for a minute, will you?”

The totally nude leggy brunette hurried from the bedroom and down the staircase thinking, “Boy, is he going to be surprised!”

Quickly reaching the foot of the staircase, Rinoa was horror struck when she observed a large group of people staring at her beautiful stark naked body and shouting “Surprise!”

 “Oh, Squall!” “How could you?” Rinoa cried out in anguish.

Rinoa literally went into a state of shock and was having a great deal of difficulty in thinking clearly. The blood began to pound in her temples and her ears were ringing as adrenaline began to race through her body. She just wasn’t able to comprehend how a quiet evening with Squall had turned into her standing completely naked in front of a room of fully dressed people; some of them almost complete strangers.

Rinoa felt as though she was caught in a hideous nightmare and she just couldn’t seem to make herself wake up. “This is Squall’s fault!” Rinoa thought desperately, “He should have known what I meant, when I said I was going to wear something incredibly sexy for him.”

Rinoa stood, in total shock, unable to move with her legs spread apart, brazenly displaying her high, firm, beautifully shaped breasts with their enormous nipples and her exposed labia that was framed by beautiful brunette pubic hair and gawked with horror at the invited guests, who were beginning to display different emotions on their faces ranging from surprise to shock to outright appreciation.

As Rinoa gazed across the room from left to right, she observed Ma Dincht and a middle aged, tall, thin, blonde hair man, who surely was Zell’s father watching her completely mystified. Rinoa heard Ma Dincht turn to her husband and murmur “Such a beautiful young girl.” “She looks as though she’ll be able to produce many healthy babies.”

Rinoa distinguished Selphie, who appeared jealously judgmental, standing with Irvine, who stared at her salaciously and was pointedly rubbing the outside of his crotch with his right hand and Zell, blushing furiously, standing beside the pigtail girl, who was hiding her head in her hands. She observed Quistis, holding her right hand up to her face laughing behind it, standing by the attractive, young woman with short hair, who was the mother of Big Rascal. As the young mother looked on appalled at Rinoa’s stark nakedness, she was attempting to shield Big Rascal’s eyes with her hands but he kept ducking under them to get a better view of something he had only dreamt of. Suddenly he broke away from his mother’s grasp and ran to Rinoa and reached up with his hands and roughly groped both of her breasts and stuck his face into her open labia and then ran out of the house laughing with his mother chasing him closely behind and shouting “You come back here right now!”

Rinoa glimpsed Zone and Watts, who appeared totally overcome with raw lust and had obviously developed substantial erections beneath their trousers. She gazed upon Seifer, Raijin and Fujin watching her bemusedly. She distinguished Doctor Kadowaki, who was standing next to Xu. Doctor Kadowaki appeared to be evaluating Rinoa medically and commented to Xu, “Rinoa seems to be in fine physical condition.” “I’ll say” Xu replied, smiling in appreciation of Rinoa’s totally nude figure.

Rinoa observed the three Trepies who were outright laughing at her. Rinoa suddenly realized that she did not see Squall anywhere and realized he had probably slipped out of the room and was hiding in the small kitchen. “That coward!” she thought disdainfully.

When Doctor Kadowaki overheard Ma Dincht turn to her husband and suggest, “Why don’t we leave these nice young people to their party and go out to the Balamb Fish House and grab a bite to eat?” she interjected, “That’s a fine idea.” “I’ll invite myself along, if I may.” The three adults quietly left the house.

As soon as they were gone, Irvine quickly dropped his trousers and boxer shorts to his feet and began to manipulate his impressive erection directly at the startled Rinoa, who was intrigued to note that it was every bit as large as Squall’s. She thought, “I wouldn’t mind sampling some of that as a birthday treat.”

But apparently that wasn’t going to happen as Selphie took immediate exception to Irvine’s behavior and pushed him roughly. Selphie exclaimed “Oh no, you don’t!” “If you’re screwing around with anyone tonight, its gonna be me.” Selphie immediately pulled the zipper on the front of her yellow dress all the way down and then allowed the completely opened dress to fall off her shoulders to the floor leaving her standing in her beautiful brown boots and cotton panties. Rinoa was impressed with the substantial size of Selphie’s breasts, but thought to herself “If she doesn’t start wearing a bra, those are gonna start to sag soon.”

Irvine turned to Selphie and immediately began to passionately kiss her while forcing his tongue into her mouth. Selphie began to moan softly and felt her left nipple become erect when Irvine’s penis began to rub on it, Irvine being a foot taller than she.

Rinoa was startled to observe the two very attractive female Trepies beginning to help each other off with their uniforms while Trepie #1, a well put together, young black man quickly divested himself of his uniform and stood clad only in his jockey shorts. “Uh oh!” Rinoa thought, “What have I started here?”

Seifer very quietly removed his outfit and stepped nakedly up behind Quistis, who was wearing a tasteful white blouse and a very pretty short green skirt and high heels. When he placed his strong hands on her waist, she whirled and exclaimed, “Seifer! What are you doing? And put your clothes back on!”

Seifer spoke with a sly grin, “Not very likely, Instructor” and proceeded to kiss the startled Quistis. Quistis suddenly felt Seifer’s erection poking her in the waist and she glanced down. “Oh my God!” Quistis thought, “Look at the size of that thing.” Seifer took advantage of the preoccupied Quistis and unfastened her skirt and allowed it to fall to the floor leaving Quistis wearing only a green thong and high heels below her waist.

“Seifer, don’t!” Quistis protested.

“I’m sorry” he murmured, “You’re too lovely for me to consider stopping.”

As Quistis blushed prettily at the unexpected compliment from her problem student, Seifer continued to undress her, carefully unbuttoning her blouse and removing it from her body leaving just her green bra covering her substantial breasts.

Quistis reached out suddenly and began rubbing her right hand on Seifer’s massive penis causing him to groan mightily as he pushed her green thong down her lovely body to the floor exposing her beautiful auburn hair mons pubis.

Irvine continued to kiss Selphie and thrust his tongue all over inside her mouth, while he began to fondle her enormous left nipple until it became erect and then her right nipple. Selphie pushed her white cotton panties down to the floor and quickly stepped out of them and then likewise removed her brown boots and stood completely nude.

Selphie cooed “Let’s get you naked, Irvy.” “You’ve got too many clothes on.”

As Irvine stepped out of his brown trousers and red and blue stripped boxer shorts, Selphie pushed his long brown coat off his shoulders and down his arms to the floor. She quickly removed his violet shirt, which left Irvine standing clad only in his cowboy boots.

“I see you’re happy to see me,” Selphie declared while fondling his enormous penis. Irvine groaned aloud and replied “Let’s get this show on the road.”

Selphie quickly dropped to the floor and lay on her back before him, her knees drawn up and spread as far apart as possible leaving her brown pubic haired distended vagina agape.

“Oh my God” Irvine moaned.

Rinoa stood completely dumbfound as she watched the two female Trepies divest each other of their clothing until they both stood stark naked. Rinoa couldn’t help but note that they both appeared sweet, almost virginal, sans clothing, but that their appearance belied the actual fact as they began passionately kissing and rubbing their hands over all each other’s nude body.

Both young women simultaneously inserted a middle finger into the other’s vagina and began to manipulate each other’s clitoris. Suddenly Trepie #1 fell across Rinoa’s vision and she observed that he was now also completely nude and sporting a huge erection. He began to kiss Trepie #2 all over her naked body from behind.

Zell turned to the pigtail girl, who was looking on at all the sexual interaction happening around her with a horrified expression and placing his hands at the top of her skirt yanked it suddenly down to her feet exposing her pretty, white laced, sheer panties!

“Zell!” she protested, while blushing furiously. “What are you doing?”

Zell replied, “Something I’ve only dreamt of.”

Zell unbuttoned her uniform blouse and removed it from her body before she could move away from him and she stood clad only in her bra and panties and shoes. While she futilely attempted to cover her underwear from his gaze with her hands, Zell knelt and removed her shoes. Quickly arising to his feet, he pulled her hands away from her body and murmured “You are so beautiful.”

“But Zell, we haven’t even held hands yet” the pigtail girl protested.

“That’s a situation that will soon be rectified” Zell replied and he pushed his blue shorts and white jockstrap down to his feet and stood with his substantial erection peering directly at the blushing pigtail girl, who had never seen a man’s angry penis before.

Oh Zell” the pigtail girl moaned and he stepped forward and embraced the quivering young woman in his arms.

Raijin turned from his intense staring at Zell and the pigtail girl and looked appealingly at Fujin and said “No da?”

Fujin loudly replied, “NO!” and proceeded to kick Raijin sharply in the ankle.

“OW” howled Raijin, “What’d you do that for?”

“GO!” Fuijin exclaimed, while pointing toward the front door.

“Aw” Raijin complained but he did as ordered and turned and jogged out of the house and was quickly followed by Fujin.

When Xu finally was able to tear her eyes away from Rinoa’s beautiful totally nude body for a second, she was shocked to observe that Zone and Watts had stripped themselves completely of their clothing and were standing with erections of their own and pointedly staring at Rinoa with crazed lust filled eyes just outside of Rinoa’s immediate eyesight.

Xu thought to herself, “I see it’s time for me to get involved.”

Xu quickly unbuttoned her uniform blouse and removed it displaying her enormous breasts, which were only covered by her traditional standard issue white bra. Xu then unhooked her skirt, pulled the side zipper down and allowed her skirt to fall unimpeded to the floor displaying her white wool panties with the reinforced crotch area.

Xu reached behind her with both hands and, while bending over, unhooked her bra and allowed it to slip down her shoulders and arms revealing her enormous breasts with their tight little nipples. Xu pushed her panties to the floor and stepped out of them exposing her large, heavily thicketed, black bush above her, rather wrinkled appearing, vagina.

As Quistis continued to rub her hand up and down on Seifer’s massive shaft, he reached behind her and unfastened her green bra and removed it totally revealing her large, beautifully shaped breasts.

“You are really built, Instructor” Seifer complimented with surprise in his tone.

Quistis laughed softly and continued to work her hand on his outsized penis. Suddenly his massive manhood spurted its hot load of semen into her hand and on to her body. “Ah, that was good” Seifer moaned.

When Seifer perceived the look of disappointment that crossed Quistis’s beautiful features, he laughed and said, “Don’t worry, Instructor.” “That was just the appetizer.”

“Here comes the main course” Seifer explained and helped her on to the floor. Seifer began to very lightly kiss Quistis all over her breasts and lower belly until he reached her lovely vagina. He quickly inserted his tongue into her open labia and began to search for her clitoris.

Quistis began moaning and reached down with her right hand and touched his penis. “My God!” she exclaimed, “You’re hard already!”

Seifer finally located her clitoris with his tongue and Quistis began to writhe on the floor, and responded in a rare burst of profanity, “Fuck the small talk, Seifer.” “I want the whole conversation.”

Seifer glanced up at Quistis from her lower belly and, removing his tongue, smiled at her. Quistis smiled in return. Seifer arose to his knees and inserted his huge erection into Quistis’s already dripping completely distended vagina.

“Oh my God!” Quistis exclaimed, “That feels so good.”

Irvine dropped to his knees in front of the obscenely naked Selphie and slid his mammoth erection all the way up the beautiful teenager. As he began to thrust his penis in and out of Selphie, she moaned and declared, “You’re so big, Irvy.”

Irvine grinned down at her and replied, “You’re so tight I’d swear this has never been used.”

Selphie, returning his smile, stated, “Only by my right hand and a certain lonesome cowpoke for a few times.”

As Irvine reached Selphie’s G-spot with his thrusting manhood, Selphie began to buck and writhe all over the floor. “Oh God!” she screamed causing Irvine to redouble his efforts.

Rinoa stood and stared, as if mesmerized, at the three stark naked Trepies. Trepie #3 suddenly pulled her female partner down to the floor on top of her. As the two young women students continued to passionately kiss each other and thrust with their fingers against each other’s clitoris, moaning with sexual ecstasy all the while, Trepie #1 suddenly dropped to his knees behind Trepie #2 and slid his erection into her virginally tight rectum!

“Shit!” “That hurts,” screamed Trepie #2.

But as Trepie #1 continued to thrust his penis vigorously up the poor young woman’s beautiful bottom, her cries of pain shortly became shrieks of pleasure.

Zell leaned down and began kissing the pigtail girl, timidly at first and, then more passionately, finally thrusting his tongue into her mouth and probing her tongue with his. The pigtail girl felt his substantial erection pressing against her lower stomach and frighteningly wondered how long it would be until Zell would want to put it in another part of her anatomy.

Her answer was not long in coming as Zell suddenly reached out to her and unhooked her bra and pulled it completely off before she could lodge a protest. As he gazed at her adequately sized, pert appearing, young breasts, the pigtail girl began to burn with embarrassment and attempted to cover her nudity with her hands.

Zell pulled her hands down and murmured again, “You are so beautiful.”

The pigtail girl blushed prettily from Zell’s praise and questioned, “They’re not too small?”

“No” Zell answered, “They’re perfect – and bite size too!” And he immediately lowered his head and ran his tongue over her left nipple. When he felt her nipple rise in appreciation, he switched his mouth to her right nipple and began to suckle it. The pigtail girl began moaning lowly and placed her hands under his shirt and began to rub her hands over his chest.

When Zell dropped to his knees, while pulling her pretty panties down and inserted his tongue into her distended vagina, the pigtail girl pulled his shirt up and off his body leaving him stark naked except for his shoes. Zell thrust his tongue inside her labia and, when he located her clitoris, he began to manipulate it vigorously. The pigtail girl groaned loudly and moved her hips in rhythm with his thrusting tongue until she suddenly began to experience the first orgasm of her young life (never having masturbated) with her cum cascading from her vagina into Zell’s open mouth.

“Oh God!” she screamed.

While Rinoa still stood staring completely engrossed with the sexually cavorting Trepies, she was suddenly startled to observe a stark naked Watts and Zone standing in front of her and both of them came equipped with substantial erections.

Rinoa gave out with a small shriek and demanded haughtily, “Just what do you think you two are doing?”

Zone answered with a smirk, “I think that’s fairly obvious, Princess.”

Zone reached out and clutched Rinoa by her wrists and pulled her violently to her knees. Cramming his erection into her face, he demanded harshly, “Suck on this, Rinoa!”

Before Rinoa could lodge a protest or retaliate in any manner, she was flabbergasted to observe a totally naked Xu loom up behind Zone after already having thrown Watts roughly to the floor. Xu reached down and grasped Zone’s substantial penis violently causing him to scream in pain. As he whirled to protest, Xu swiftly kicked him in the testicules! Zone continued to scream and fell to the floor writhing in pain. Xu stepped over him and pulled Rinoa to her feet.

“Oh, thank you, Xu” a grateful Rinoa expressed.

“Think nothing of it, Rinoa” Xu replied with a sly grin and leaned over and passionately kissed Rinoa thrusting her tongue into her mouth, while reaching down with her left hand and inserting her middle finger into Rinoa’s tight vagina.

Rinoa attempted to pull back from Xu, but was held in check by Xu’s right hand in the small of her back. Xu located Rinoa’s clitoris and began to thrust against it with her middle finger. Rinoa groaned loudly and ceased her struggling and began to move her hips in time with Xu’s finger.

Irvine continue to plunge into the winsome Selphie with his massive penis striking her G-spot repeatedly until suddenly she screamed out his name in complete sexual ecstasy as her orgasms washed from her, one after another.

“I love you!” Irvine shouted as he shot his load of hot sperm into her and then collapsed gently on to her stark naked beautiful body.

As Seifer continued to thrust his blood-engorged turgid manhood into the beautiful Quistis, she began to feel the first stirring of her impending orgasm. “Go for it” she murmured. Unbelievably Seifer was able to redouble his efforts plunging into the gorgeous Quistis with his massive penis literally faster than the eye could see as her orgasm cascaded from her.

“Oh God!” Quistis shouted.

Continuing to thrust, Seifer shot his hot load of cum into the beautiful Quistis and then collapsed on her totally exhausted from his endeavors. “That was wonderful,” murmured Quistis. “Yes, Instructor” Seifer smiled, “At last there’s something we agree upon.”

As the two female Trepies continued to manipulate each other’s clitoris, Trepie #1 continued to drive his substantial erection into the beautiful posterior of Trepie #2.

Trepie #2 shouted, “I’m going to cum!” “Fuck me harder!”

As Trepie #1 complied as ordered and vigorously continued to ram his massive manhood into the backside of Trepie #2, both Trepie #2 and Trepie #3 began to experience simultaneous orgasms with the cum cascading from their vaginas onto to each other’s hands. “Oh God!” “It’s good!” screamed Trepie #3. Trepie #1 suddenly shot his massive load of hot sperm up the beautiful rear of Trepie #2 and then collapsed onto her back as she lay intertwined with Trepie #3 on the floor.

Xu continued to thrust her tongue manipulating Rinoa’s clitoris until suddenly Rinoa’s orgasm washed out of her and into Xu’s mouth. Rinoa moaned loudly as Xu drank down every drop and then peered up at Rinoa from her knees and smiled. Rinoa smiled in return and expressed, “Thank you again, Xu.” “That was a wonderful birthday present.”

Squall stepped around the corner from his hiding place in the small kitchen and looked around him at the sexual battlefield with disbelieving eyes. He observed that Irvine and Selphie and Seifer and Quistis were once again involved with enjoying coitus with each other. He turned his head slightly and observed the pigtail girl was now vigorously sucking on Zell’s substantial erection and Trepie #1 was involved with making love to Trepie #3 with Trepie #2 sitting beside them and watching them intently while masturbating herself.

“Squall?” Rinoa said softly.

Squall turned his head towards Rinoa and blushed uncontrollably at the sight of Rinoa standing stark naked in a public place. He always insisted the lights be off when they made love after she would sneak into his bedroom late at night because he was very sexually shy, but he had to admit that she appeared awfully fetching sans clothing.

“Yes, Rinoa” Squall answered.

“Oh, Squall” Rinoa responded happily, “This has been a wonderful birthday party.” “Thank you so much.” “Let’s plan on doing the same thing next year.”

Squall shot the palm of his right hand up to his forehead in his familiar gesture and shook his head in disbelief.

The End