Adventure in Qu’s Marsh, by Quiet Mouse

            It had been a long day already for Zidane, even though him and his party of Freya, Vivi and Dagger had had breakfast just 2 hours earlier.  It was damp and muggy, brief showers had interrupted their progress from Lindblum constantly and they were in the middle of a particularly heavy one at this very moment. Their backs were aching from all the provisions that had been generously given to them by Regent Cid upon the morning of their departure.  The Regent had told them that a long since forgotten tunnel, known as Fossil Roo was an ancient connection between their own Mist Continent, and the legendary Outer Continent, and could be found within the confines of the marsh, located nearby on ground level.  And this was where the unusual party was headed, into the unknown.  The mist wasn’t helping either, it closed around them, concealing the monsters lurking behind, waiting to strike and devour their prey.  It was fortunate that Vivi was part of the group as his young bright eyes could pierce the veil of the mist and warn the others of where the next attack was coming from, if he had not volunteered to join the expedition then Zidane was sure that they all would have been dead long ago.  They were following the directions given to them by the Regent as well as they could, but couldn’t even make out the strong outline of the mountains on their side, let alone hear the crashing seas to their left, they were blind and following directions they could not relate with.  The mist seemed to be living, writhing, clogging their ears and stinging their eyes.  Dagger winced and cried out as her pack dug into her spine but the others couldn’t hear her calls.  Bent double, staring at the ground she wondered if she could even hear herself.  Her back hurt so much, it was all she could concentrate on, the pain, the growing agony she was experiencing was becoming too much, and it wasn’t long before she realised that she had actually stopped moving, she wondered how long it had been, but a sharp pain cut that thought in it’s tracks.  She removed her pack and allowed herself a short cure spell to try to ease the pain, it seemed to work and she shouldered her luggage once more, but as she raised her head she realised that she couldn’t see anyone, she looked in all directions, checking and checking again, spinning around rapidly in the hope that she would see Vivi’s bright little eyes shining back, or Zidane’s torch flickering in the darkness,

“(my god it’s dark…………)” she thought to herself, it should only have been about twelve o’clock by that time, but the mist blocked almost all light from the sky, and now she wasn’t even sure about which direction she was facing.  If she ran would she be running towards or away from the main party?  Maybe they hadn’t noticed she had gone, maybe they had already been eaten!, maybe a monster was right behind her now!!!  Dagger panicked and screamed, dropped her pack, somehow managed to clutch her rod amongst the chaos and ran.  She ran as fast as she could, thoughts entering her mind like a mad woman.
“(Run, run fast….NO!….what if they’re back there?, what if they’re not!!…..  HELP!!!!, I can’t fight!, I only know how to heal………….)”,   in the mist strange voices came to her as if from a dream, and she ran further, the mist closed in on her and she couldn’t even see her feet running, the mist was rising, or was she falling?  Her mind felt like it was playing tricks on her, then she felt a blunt force hit her legs and she fell, she could numbly feel the ground make contact with her face and then she blacked out from the fear, the last image to enter her mind was of a presence clutching at her back, and a glowing pair of eyes staring directly at her………….

Dagger spluttered and vomited as she woke up, she had her eyes closed and her head pounded, she mumbled something and was confused as to why she couldn’t form proper words.  She spat the blood and the vomit from her mouth and groggily lifted her back up with her arms.  She turned to lie on her back, arms behind her propping her up, and shook her head, she spat out another globule of blood and realised she had bitten her tongue, but how?  She couldn’t remember anything, her eyes were still closed from the aching in her head, and then slowly it all came back to her, the sounds, the thing she’d run into, and the eyes, the glowing eyes, she felt like panicking but her body was too exhausted to do anything.
What was that?  She was sure that she’d heard something, it was close by, directed at her.
It was clearer now, but she couldn’t figure out the meaning of it, she needed more time, she felt tired, but as she let herself fall backwards into sleep, her back seemed to snap and then join again.  She cried out but was cut short by a projection of vomit from her mouth, she felt sick and didn’t want to do anything except sit there until she felt better.
Dagger, that was her name, someone was there!!  She made an effort to open her eyes, they hurt too, and as they opened she was aware of a bright light.
“She’s opening her eyes!!”
The voice again, but it sounded different, there was more than one person there.  Her eyes suddenly snapped open and she was forced to turn her head away from the bright light directly in front of her face .
Her vision focused and she could see a boy with a tail, a rat-dragon woman, and a very small boy with glowing yellow eyes.  Zidane, Freya and Vivi, her friends.  She smiled and blood trickled down her lip.  Zidane gripped her waist and helped her to her feet.  She steadied herself and looked around, the mist was still there but it had receded, the sun shone down, and it had stopped raining so they could see clearly now and could make out the outline of a marsh up ahead on the horizon.
“How are you feeling now?” Asked Zidane.
“Ok. now I suppose, a little groggy but in one piece at least, how did you all find me anyway? I thought I was totally lost?” replied Dagger, swaying slightly on her heels.
“You ran straight into us!! Zidane yelled jokingly, we realised you must have been left behind so we went back to look for you.  Vivi saw you through the mist so we called out to you, but you screamed and ran away, we were wondering what had just happened when you came running back again and fell straight over your bag.  You hit your head and became unconscious, we’ve been giving you water until now, you’ve been out now for about 2 hours.”
Dagger thought about this, she didn’t remember dreaming, it seemed as if she wasn’t out at all, then she looked down and saw her bag at her feet, she must have run in a full circle!!  She felt like a complete idiot and was eager to continue the journey to get it out of her system, she brushed herself down and wiped the blood and vomit from her yellow and white body suit,

“(it’s going to take forever to get these stains out)” she thought, and realised she would have to wash it off in the marsh, she would probably have to have a bath soon, as she was dripping wet from the mist.
“Thanks for helping me out and staying with me you guys, I owe you one” she apologized

“No problem, I couldn’t have lived with myself if anything had happened to you” Zidane said, blushing slightly.
“Thanks Zidane,  that’s sweet.  Vivi, Freya? You’ve been quite quiet?”
“Yeah, sorry, while you were out cold we scoped out the marsh and saw a rickety old house, maybe that’s the entrance to the tunnel?” Vivi replied
“Good work Vivi, what would we do without you?, now we’d best get going if we want to make it to the Outer Continent by nightfall”
Everyone agreed and they set off across the green plains towards the marsh looming ominously in the distance. 

As the mist had receded, the mist monsters they encountered were few and far between, and they quickly made it to the reeds surrounding the soft, wet ground of the marsh.
Zidane motioned behind him for the others to be quiet, and then crept into the dank, green marshland.  Soon he was gone and only the rustle of the reeds above gave his position away, he was moving slowly towards the old house in the distance.  Dagger’s quiet  respect for him had grown since they first met at Alexandria Castle, especially now as no-one knew what lay inside the reed walls of this mysterious place, yet Zidane was always willing to put himself out when he was really needed.  Sure he may act like a jerk sometimes, always coming onto her like that, with no manners either, but maybe she’ll give him a chance, maybe she’ll…
“Ok, it’s all safe now” Zidane yelled from within the marsh.
“Ok, let’s group, there may still be things in there we haven’t encountered before, but if we’re careful we should be able to get through safely and into the Fossil Roo” Freya commanded, she showed no signs of losing her courage as a dragon knight since leaving Burmecia, but was that what she was thinking of inside?……
The rest of the party slunk inside silently, following the sound of Zidane’s voice until they were all together once more, Dagger was greatly relieved when she saw Zidane again, she felt safe around him…….”Wruaa!” Dagger shook herself, Where were all these feelings coming from?, maybe it was just the mist, they’ll go away soon……….. she thought.
In single file the group crouched low to the muddy ground, Zidane in the lead, followed by Vivi, then Dagger, and then Freya to bring up the rear.  The ground stank of rotting vegetables, but maybe that was just the soft mud and all the plant matter around, it wasn’t as if there was anyone here to throw away the trash.  Zidane laughed at the thought, no, there was no-one here, no-one at all…”Ribbit!!”
“AAHH!!”, Dagger screamed as she fell backwards., knocking Freya over in the process.

“Hey!, what’s wrong with you?” Freya demanded
Dagger took a brief, cautionary look in front of her and found herself staring straight into the eyes of a large green frog.
“Oh, it’s only a frog…….. thank goodness, I thought we’d been caught out in the marsh by a monster or something!!!”
Vivi and Zidane had continued to walk ahead, unawares of the frog that had separated Dagger and Vivi.  They turned round and laughed in unison at the sight that befell them, Dagger and Freya seemingly huddled in fear from a big green frog.  Dagger scowled at the two childish boys rolling around on the floor, looking for all the world like two small toddlers, especially against the towering marsh reeds looming overhead.
Dagger was about to make her contempt public knowledge when she saw something that froze her in her tracks.  The marshes were moving.  She saw it behind Zidane, the reeds flowing slightly, but this was not the wind at work, for the air was still.  As she stared she saw the reeds part directly above Zidane’s hysterically shaking head, and for a second she fancied that she could see two big white eyes staring straight back at her.  The reeds snapped shut and this time Zidane and Vivi had to take notice, behind her Dagger could sense Freya reaching for her Spear, and ahead, Zidane’s face turned a frighteningly stony grey as he unsheathed his knife from it’s holder.  The reeds shuffled past and around them, until it was opposite the gap in the party where the frog sat, croaking gently.  Zidane crouched and prepared to pounce, while Freya had her arm extended backwards ready to throw her spear with the accuracy that came from years of training as a Dragon Knight.
Before anyone could react a large pink tongue suddenly shot from the reeds and wrapped around the frog, it stayed for a second and Freya saw her chance, trained to see anything unknown as a possible threat she threw her spear at the centre of the writhing mass.  As if the creature possessing the tongue sensed this, the tongue unwrapped and retreated into the reeds.  The spear whistled straight past, narrowly missing the tongue and before Zidane could comprehend what had happened, the spear struck him in the shoulder, pierced the skin, and the spear-head completely disappeared within the flesh.  Zidane cried out and was knocked backwards several metres into the marsh, himself disappearing completely from view.  Dagger screamed and Freya ran to look for him, everyone completely forgetting the monster lurking behind the reeds.
She returned and announced that Zidane was missing, she hadn’t found the body and her hopes for his life were low.  He wouldn’t have crawled away himself as he would have returned to them, so he must have been taken, either dead, or alive, either for help, or food.  It didn’t look good.
They set off dejectedly no longer crouching as, if Zidane was ok, he would be able to see them.  This was when they noticed the house again, and so changed direction towards it.  They didn’t care for anything that could see them, anything that could detect their presence in the maze of reeds, anything that could creep up slowly behind them.  All they were focused on was finding Zidane, besides, the only things in the marsh were frogs, and that thing with the tongue………….
“That was no very nice to throw big stick at Quina!!”
Freya spun round reaching for her spear but as her hand passed through thin air she remembered it had been lost within Zidane and probably taken away.  She couldn’t quite locate the source of the sound but as she focused on the reeds directly behind her she saw a slight movement, and to her surprise a large, white, errrr….., mass lumbered towards her.  She was taken aback at the sight because it was so comical, a strange toad-like creature with a big pink tongue sticking out of it’s mouth, she couldn’t tell it’s gender but it had on a very large apron like dress.  By now Dagger and Vivi had seen it and were staring open-mouthed at this unreal creature.
“what you staring at?!” the thing barked
“ummm, nothing miss, er, mr. umm………………” Vivi shied away at the monster’s words, but Freya was not defeated so easily.
“Who are you and what have you done to Zidane?!!” She demanded ferociously with all the conviction of the dragon knight the others had forgotten she was meant to be.
“uh! How wuud! I Quina, gourmand in training, Me live in marsh, me should be asking yu about coming here and throwing big sticks at Quina..”  This big baby seemed to be harmless enough and was obviously the thing she had thrown her spear at earlier, she felt guilty about trying to harm this cute, yet ugly at the same time, creature.
“I apologize about my earlier rashness sir, but I felt that we were in danger from an unknown threat, namely you.  I now acknowledge that you are no threat to us, but please sir, tell us where our friend, the one with the tail, is.” Freya sounded almost regal in her speech.
Quina was surprised and almost confused by this precise and courtly tone but seemed to understand some of it.
“Monkey boy safe, follow me.”
They followed Quina as fast as they could and soon found themselves at the rotting old shack.  The three adventurers pushed past Quina despite his objections and ran into the small wooden house at the top of a set of steps to avoid the marsh sinking it.  Dagger was the first inside and the image that greeted her made her blush with embaressment.  The walls were decorated with rustic and ethnic nik-naks and ornaments.  There was a throne at the far end of the single room and on this sat a creature much like Quina, mixing something in a bowl with a pestle and mortar.  He was startled at the three strange people that had just run into his home and looked at Quina with surprise.  Dagger, however, was still staring at the ground, where lying there, motionless, calm, and completely naked was Zidane.  His body appeared to have been wiped clean by someone and she marvelled at his smooth, fit body.  He must have been conscious in some form, probably dreaming, as his penis was completely erect, standing tall from his blonde pubic hair, leaning slightly towards his body.  A small smile was on his face and when Dagger got her eyes away from his marvelous groin she noticed the wound on his shoulder, it too had been wiped clean and as she looked, the other creature applied a poultice to stop infection, at least he was safe. 
The party then talked long with the tribal leader and discovered that their race lived in marshes all over the world and were called the ‘Qu’.  They talked about Zidane and why they were there.  Freya retrieved her spear and soon there were only a few hours until sunset.  Zidane had been wrapped in blankets and was sleeping soundly.  The others decided to scope out the marsh and by the time they had returned Zidane was awake and dressed.  He was filled in on the situation and Dagger ask if there was anywhere she could clean up.  Quina directed her to a small fresh water pool not far from the hut which was surrounded by reeds for privacy.  She was so hot and sweaty from the day’s activities and soon her clothes were left in a pile at the side of the pool.  She dipped a toe into the cool water and shivered, it was quite cold but she knew that that would be the most refreshing bath available so she submerged.  She came up shivering but swam about for a bit to warm up.  She came up onto the side and revelled in the brief sunshine that had just made it through the mist and cloud.  She looked down at her body and smiled, she was so perfectly formed, her firm breasts held themselves well and her nipples were still hard from the cold water.  Her long slender legs crossed and uncrossed, sliding silkily over each other.  She thought of Zidane earlier and found herself getting warmer.  Her legs rubbed quicker and she cupped her breasts.  She thought of Zidane now and what she would have done if they were all alone in that hut was at the forefront of her mind.  She felt herself getting moist and one hand found it’s way to her damp lips.  She played on the surface for a moment and then slipped a finger in, it was a tight fit but she enjoyed the feeling.  She stayed like that for a moment and then moved her finger in and out, in and out, a small moan escaped her lips and the actions sped up even more.  She found her clitoris poking out at stimulated that.  An immense pleasure was building up and she felt like she was going to explode.  She hoped that no-one would hear her if she did.  Suddenly her body rippled and her back arched, sucking her finger deeper into her.  She erupted in an orgasm and collapsed back on the ground panting, hugging herself as her moist pubic hair stuck to her legs.  She decided to clean off so she went back into the water and swam around for some more until her heart had calmed down.
As she was lazily paddling back and forth in the still pool she became aware of a rustling in the reeds to her left, she was not alone.  This chilled her to the bone as the thought of a stranger watching her last few activities was quite unnerving.  The sound was coming from the reeds around the small bend in the kidney shaped pool so she stayed low to the water and silently crept up on whoever was watching her, she was determined to find out who it was.  As she reached a small sandy bank on a slight rise up towards the reeds she got down on her front and crawled up silently over the sand.  The sound of rustling got louder as she approached and she gently parted the reeds in front of her eyes so that she could see. 
And there he was, in all his resplendent glory, lying naked and erect, dry and smooth, and stroking his enormous penis, there was Zidane.  His head was rocking back into the reeds which was what was creating the rustling sound.  He was completely enclosed in a small sandy bay in the pond, with high reeds behind his head.  His eyes were closed and a smile crept up on his lips every now and then in between the expressions of pleasure he was experiencing.  Dagger watched in silence, not moving for fear of being seen, but mostly because she wanted to see more, she wanted to be with him, she wanted to be on him, she wanted him inside her, the pressure, the ecstasy, she wanted her lips to meet Zidane’s, complete comfort, she wanted no limit to their bond, and she wanted him forever, she loved him.  She….loved….him.  Wow, she never thought she’d think like that about the cheeky rascal that had no manners, but it made so much sense, and at that moment, so did going in there to see him.  But as she was about to move Zidane spasmed and he came, thick warm semen flooded out of his penis and onto his lower stomach, he gasped at the feeling and then both hands moved over to his penis and started rubbing his newly lubricated crotch, rubbing the semen into his stomach, and over onto his anus, it was red and was opened out, longing for satisfaction, as he turned over Dagger looked in new amazement, he was probing his anus with his left hand, and masturbating with his right, creating the perfect rhythm as his tail swung back and forth, some of the fur stuck down with moisture.  Because his face was now turned away Dagger stood and made her way over to him, and lay on her back.  She started masturbating vigorously, her pussy was wet and slightly itched, she needed to come.  At this moment Zidane realised he was not alone and the shock made him withdraw his hand from anus and this sudden change made him come again, it was so powerful it even made him cry out in ecstasy and his legs became slick.  Dagger placed one hand on his shoulder and whispered into his ear, “shhhh”.  She then moved down his back, licking his skin along the way until she reached his anus.  It was pulsating in and out and was moist from semen.  She lunged her tongue into it and slowly probed, Zidane was writhing from the pleasure as Dagger licked and sucked the cum from his anus.  She took his hand and placed it between her legs.  He found his way deep into her and she came almost instantly, sending vibrations into Zidane’s anus and making him come a little.  She then withdrew and started kissing his back  He took his other hand, wet from his own juices and rubbed himself and Dagger all over, he stretched over his shoulder and ran it through her hair and across her mouth, she opened her mouth and panted after it, feeling the cum across her lips.  He then ran his hands through his hair and turned over seeing Dagger wet and slimy with legs spread, head back, rubbing her pussy, red and moist from arousal.  His head went to kiss her firm breasts and his penis rubbed into her cleavage, having maximum lubrication from their juices it slid easily towards her face and she reached for it with her mouth.  Zidane came right onto Dagger’s face and she rubbed it into her hair then sat up quickly and took all of Zidane’s throbbing penis into her throat, he was almost spent but this was turning him on so much, until he saw her pussy again.  He removed his dick from her mouth, leaving a line of spittle and then thrust his tongue into her pussy, it tasted sweet and he went full force, knowing Dagger was ready for it.  Her back arched and she rubbed her breasts, she was in complete ecstasy.  Then she came again and screamed, so loud she was afraid someone would come over to see what was happening.  After that Zidane stood and dripped onto Dagger their juices combined, but what now?  He bent down and flipped her over, quite firmly and Dagger got turned on, she was naturally submissive and was looking forward to what Zidane had in mind for her.  Then he plunged into her anus with all seven inches and pounded her.  It hurt at first but she was loving even that.  A lubrication slowly formed and they became rhythmic in their motions together.  She was so tight, which was turning Zidane on and the pressure on her anus was making Dagger feel ‘full’.  As Zidane was about to withdraw from exhaustion he came his last and this extra pressure forced Dagger to climax once more, they collapsed next to, and on top of each other, every orifice spent, every last drop used, every erogenous zone probed.  Zidane slipped into her wet pussy and they lay there, lips met in a long and lingering kiss, getting all they could out of their encounter, and then they fell asleep, in exactly that position, until they woke just before sunset, they kissed long again and exchanged messages of love before slipping into the water to clean up and get dressed for the dinner that Quina had prepared for them.  They ate well and went to bed soundly, ready for an early start in the morning.