On the train to Timber

On the train to Timber

A lemon fanfic by Robert Dogwood

The characters in this fanfic are property of SquareSoft and are in no way affiliated with me. If vivid descriptions of sexual activities offend you, please do not go on.

Squall, Zell and Selphie boarded the train at Balamb for Timber. They were on their way to their initial assignment as newly made SeeDs. They were supposed to contact some minor resistance faction with the unlikely name of the Forest Owls, whoever they were. After entering the train car, Zell went over to the far corner and was bouncing up and down. He was quite excited. Selphie stood on her tiptoes attempting to see through the glass door as to what was on the other side. She was curious. Squall was slumped against the doorway. He was depressed, as usual.

Zell spoke to Squall “You have to go to that window with your ticket, if you want to get inside.”

Squall lifted his head and slumped over to the ticket window. After handing it in, the glass door opened. Selphie said, “Thanks” with a little hop in the air. Zell bounded through the door and Squall tagged slowly behind. Off to the left was a door to another room. Zell opened it up and exclaimed “Whoa! You should see our private compartment!” and bounded away inside the room. Selphie was standing up the hall by the window singing her obnoxious little train song. Squall walked up behind her. Selphie said, “I just love trains.” Squall continued to stand behind her. Selphie explained, “I’ll be here for a few minutes. I just want to watch.”

Squall stepped up closer behind Selphie and began to press against her. Selphie repeated, “I’ll go inside in a few minutes.” Squall pressed even harder against Selphie’s backside. “That’s okay,” he said. “I’ll stay here with you.” And with that Squall really pressed up hard against Selphie.

Squall started to experience an erection, which was his purpose the entire time. Facing looking out the window, Selphie turned bright red but thought it best if she ignored Squall. To tell the truth she was kinda scared of him.

Squall continued to press up against Selphie and, in fact, as the train began gently rocking from side to side, began to time himself with the train’s leanings. His penis suddenly grew rock hard and he reached down with one gloved hand and liberated it. Selphie realized what had happened, but didn’t know how to react so she continued looking out the window.

Squall, tiring of just rubbing his throbbing love machine on the outside of Selphie’s dress, reached up under her short yellow dress and pulled her panties down so quickly it caused her to lose her balance and, as she was attempting to regain it, he was able to pull her panties off her completely!

Squall flung the panties in the corner of the corridor and placing his hands on the bottom of Selphie’s yellow dress he slowly pulled it up around her hips.

Selphie thought, “Now this is certainly getting serious. But what am I supposed to do? After all he is our squad leader.” Squall used Selphie’s continued indecisiveness to raise her hips while lowering his knees until his blood-engorged tool slipped easily into her vagina. “Oh” Selphie moaned. She thought, “Now this has finally gone over the top. But what I am supposed to do? He’s got me pinned.”

Squall started rocking in and out of her vagina while reaching up with his hands under the front of her dress and grabbing her breasts. He was delighted to discover she wasn’t wearing a bra and her breasts felt very large.

Selphie decided she’d better say something before this got completely out of hand. “Squall” she began but was interrupted by Squall answering “Shh.”

Squall began to thrust his steel-hard penis harder and harder into Selphie’s love tunnel, which, in turn, was pushing Selphie’s face into the window glass. In order to avoid this, Selphie began to push back as hard she could against the wall of the train.

“Now we’re going, Selphie” Squall exclaimed and reaching around the front of Selphie he pulled her “easy access” zipper all the way down and yanked her dress backwards off her shoulders and down her arms until it fell and became hung on his penis. He withdrew for a second in order to allow the dress to fall to the floor.

Realizing she was no longer pinned, Selphie used this opportunity to quickly twirl around only to discover that this was probably a tactical mistake. As she glanced down and saw Squall’s nine inch throbbing penis she almost fainted with shock.

“Squall,” she squealed, “What are you doing?”

“What do you think I’m doing?” he responded. “I’m getting ready to fuck your little brains out.”

And with that Squall dropped to the floor on his back and in one easy motion pulled Selphie down right on his huge throbbing tool which easily fit all the way up in her already dripping womanhood.

“My God!” she screamed.

The noise drew Zell to the doorway and, as he looked down, he exclaimed “What the hell!” Selphie looked back over her shoulder and retorted “Zell! Can’t you see we’re busy? Could you possibly excuse us for a little while?”

“Well, sorry” Zell retorted sarcastically and stepped back into the compartment and slammed the door.

Squall began to rhymically rock up and down as hard as he could, bouncing Selphie so high in the air that she almost flew off the tip of his throbbing love machine. Every time she landed back with a thud totally impaled by his blood-engorged nine inches she would let loose with a scream.

“Hang on, Selphie!’ Squall yelled. He reached up and pulled Selphie down to him in order to secure a better grip on her while continuing to pound away with precision into her snatch. With his cock slightly bent he was now actually able to reach Selphie’s elusive G-spot and as he wiggled and twisted Selphie began to let loose an enormous torrent of cum.

“Oh, shit!” Selphie screamed “Fuck me, Squall! Fuck me!.”

Apparently Selphie’s screams worried Zell enough he reappeared at the open door.

“Selphie, are you being raped?” Zell asked. “Do you need some help?”

“ZELL!” Selphie screamed “Will you get the hell out of here?”

Zell became extremely angry and slammed the door shut again.

As Squall continued to reach Selphie’s G-spot she began to moan uncontrollably and spurt cum on herself, Squall and the floor.

As Squall felt himself starting to go, he yelled “Yes, Yes!” and pulled out of Selphie’s vagina and shot huge torrents of his hot semen all over Selphie, spurting as though his manhood was an out of control fire hose. Selphie reached down and scooped up large gobs of his cum and jammed it into her mouth and then rubbed it all over her body.

Finally Squall was finished. He laid there for a minute composing himself, as Selphie continued to be over the top with sexual excitement while rubbing the cum in her hair and over her face. Squall flipped her off him and back onto the floor. He stood up and tucked his now shrinking penis back into his pants and pulled the zipper up. He looked down at Selphie’s naked, cum soaked, body and advised “We’ll probably be arriving in Timber soon” and turned and walked into the compartment with Selphie nakedly following holding her dress and panties in one hand. They were both relieved to see Zell sprawled back on the couch sound asleep. But before they could act further, they both felt an overpowering urge to sleep.

“What is going on?” thought Squall.

Selphie said, “I suddenly feel so tired” and staggered off dropping her clothes on the floor and herself on the couch next to Zell instantly falling asleep. Squall himself tumbled to the floor being asleep before he hit it.

The End