The Garden Festival

 A lemon fanfic by Robert [email protected]

 The characters in this fanfic are property of SquareSoft and in no way affiliated with me. If vivid descriptions of sexual activities offend you, please do not go on.

A few months after Selphie was so instrumental in helping to defeat Sorceress Ultimecia, she decided to orchestrate a new Garden Festival.

Rinoa was beginning to feel some excitement concerning her involvement in the Festival despite her initial misgivings. As her part in the Festival was due to start in a half an hour, Rinoa was quickly changing into her costume. As she stood nude except for a thong, she held up her skimpy outfit consisting of just a whisper of a top that barely covered her nipples, much less any of her ample breasts and a macro-mini skirt.

The outfit was another thing Rinoa initially had misgivings over, but Selphie had managed to appeal to Rinoa’s vanity by expressing to her their performance badly needed some sex appeal. None of Rinoa’s more traditional bra and panties would have sufficed under the outfit, as they would have been larger by far than the top and skirt. Rinoa had adamantly refused Selphie’s suggestion she wear nothing beneath the extremely short skirt. They finally had to travel all the way to Esthar in the Ragnarok to locate a specialty shop that sold thongs.

Even though the stage in the Quad area had been completely remodeled by the F.H. technicians and now had a stage curtain and a large back stage area, it didn’t yet have any dressing rooms. As there would be many different groups of upper-classmen and Seeds performing various entertainments in the Festival, such as, poetry readings, dramatic readings and even scenes from plays, there would be over a hundred people back stage and Rinoa didn’t trust one of them in the confusion to not knock over a dressing screen, which would be the only place she could change into her outfit, if she chose not to in her room.

But by dressing in her room, Rinoa realized the drawback was she would have to walk though the Garden from her room in the dormitory down to the Quad and suffer the stares and possibly obscene catcalls from male upper-classmen and SeeDs she would pass along the way.

Dressing quickly and how else could you dress in such a minimal outfit, she thought and double checking in the mirror on her wall that her top did indeed cover her lovely aureoles, she left her room and began walking down the dormitory corridor.

Finally arriving at the back stage area and still blushing furiously at the obscenities that were suggested to her on her way there through the Garden, Rinoa noticed Zell tuning his electric guitar and Irvine removing his cowboy hat and long cattlemen’s coat in anticipation of his role as lead singer.

Selphie was quickly darting hither and yon in a frenzied attempt to micromanage every activity, pertaining to the Festival. As she was stepping past, Rinoa touched Selphie on her shoulder and said “Selphie, I’m here!”

Turning quickly toward Rinoa, Selphie exclaimed, “Rinoa, you look absolutely fabulous in that outfit!” “Doesn’t she, Irvine?”

“She looks incredible” Irvine replied, leering salaciously at Rinoa.

“Uh, Rinoa” Selphie said while pointing at Rinoa’s bust line.

Quickly glancing down, Rinoa espied that one nipple was completely exposed having escaped her top!

“Oh my God!” Rinoa shouted while quickly adjusting her flimsy halter-top.

More to escape the smirks she observed on Selphie and Irvine’s face than anything else, Rinoa stepped toward the front of the stage and peered through the red, velour curtains and out into the audience. She ascertained every one of the red, plush theatre seats that sat row upon row were filled. The theatre seats were also part of the renovation done by the F.H. technicians, along with the small mosh pit area that was used during rock and roll performances.

Since the finale was Selphie, Irvine, Zell and Rinoa playing a medley of pop hits by the currently popular Deiling City Marauders, the mosh pit was completely filled with overly excited male upper-classmen, who were already body-slamming each other and pogoing everywhere.

Since the backstage crew had set all of their electric equipment up, Selphie ordered, “Everyone, hit your mark!”

Rinoa, who was playing the tambourine and singing backup, took the mark next to Irvine very near the lip of the stage. Selphie, who was playing electric bass and Zell, who was playing electric lead guitar, were standing slightly behind Irvine and Rinoa. Behind Selphie and Zell stood a preprogrammed drum machine.

Perceiving everyone was on their mark and ready to perform, Selphie ordered the curtain opened. As the curtain began to open, the activity in the mosh pit became even more frenzied.

Launching into their first song, Rinoa felt herself caught up in the excitement of the crowd and began some frenzied dancing of her own, never noticing the affect she was having on the upper-classmen males, which was significant. They had ceased all prior activity and were now all crowded at the lip of the stage intently watching Rinoa, as her extremely short skirt flew up near her waist totally exposing her narrow see-through thong.

Midway through the performance, one of the male upper-classmen could no longer control himself and reaching up and grabbing Rinoa by the ankle, he attempted to pull her off the stage!

As Rinoa screamed and teetered on the edge of the stage, Irvine and Zell both reached out attempting to prevent her from being pulled down in the mosh pit. When another male upper-classman reached up and grabbed Rinoa’s other ankle, she was quickly yanked completely off the stage leaving Irvine holding her skirt in his hand and Zell holding her halter-top!

Selphie quickly ordered Irvine and Zell “Keep playing! She’s only playing a tambourine, for God sakes!”

Rinoa quickly disappeared into a sea of hands and male upper-classmen! She suddenly felt hands clutching, and rubbing every inch of her body. She realized her screams could not be heard above the loud rock and roll performance and the main audience in the theatre seats probably hadn’t noticed a thing out of place!

Suddenly there were two fingers jammed up her lovely vagina and her screams reached a new crescendo, but as the fingers continued to probe and, finally began to manipulate her clitoris, she began to moan in sexual pleasure. She felt her nipples become erect and mouths that sucked gently suddenly covered each one. Her sexual enjoyment moved up a notch and she began moaning louder.

As Rinoa was writhing on the sea of bodies that was presently holding her off the floor, she felt the back of her thong pushed aside and two fingers were jammed up her rectum also. The more she attempted to free herself from them, the further the fingers went into her. Someone began kissing her passionately and rolling their tongue all around her mouth.

Rinoa felt herself being stimulated to a point of sexual frenzy and began to literally move her body up and down in time with the pounding drum machine of the rock and roll performance.

Suddenly Rinoa felt some hands pull her thong completely off her body leaving her stark naked and at the mercy of fifty sexually frenzied male upper-classmen! The fingers were withdrawn from her vagina and replaced by a seven-inch rock hard penis. As the penis entered her fully, Rinoa began screaming in ecstasy. The penis inside of Rinoa that belonged to a nameless, faceless, upper-classman male began stroking harder and harder until it shot its load of hot cum straight up her.

Rinoa was disappointed when the penis limply withdrew, but was delighted when it was replaced with an eight-inch steel hardened penis that went even further up her. As the sea of hands she was resting on raised her up in time with the thrusting penis, she began to feel her orgasm coming on in waves.

“Oh, yes” she screamed, “Fuck me! Fuck me hard!”

As the cum flowed out of her body, she felt the eight-inch penis shoot its load of hot cum into her and then quickly withdraw, only to be replaced with another stiffened penis of indiscriminate length. Immediately after achieving orgasm, Rinoa felt a semi-hard penis being slipped into her rectum. Apparently someone was now lying on the floor underneath her. As she attempted to move in a fashion to dislodge herself from the penis inside her rectum, it only served to make the penis harder, while at the same time causing the penis pounding at her vagina to become even more frenzied in its stroking, which in turn caused Rinoa to feel a new orgasm welling up in her. As she screamed in ecstasy while the cum again rolled out of her, she felt hot sperm being shot up her vagina and her rectum at the same time!

As the rock and roll performance continued, so did the sexual performance in the mosh pit. Penis after penis were inserted into Rinoa and continued to shoot hot loads of cum into her, while she continued to experience multiple orgasms.

When Selphie announced the last song for the evening, Rinoa felt more than a twinge of disappointment. This was by far the best sex she had ever experienced. “It’s never going to get any better than this” she thought wildly.

Suddenly an apparently desperate male upper-classman, saddened by Selphie’s announcement, rammed his six-inch penis into Rinoa’s mouth. She began sucking the entire length of it in and out of her mouth while rolling her tongue over the tip and quickly brought it to orgasm. She drank some of the hot sperm and then withdrawing her mouth, she reached up with both hands and guided the penis to shoot its load of cum all over her hair and face sexually exciting her so much it caused a new wave of cum to cascade out of her.

Rinoa was then truly amazed to see a short upper-classman female skirt hovering over her face. She correctly assumed some nameless student could no longer control herself and had entered the mosh pit from the main audience. Rinoa reached up with her hands and tore the young woman’s pretty black panties off her body and guided the woman’s brunette framed vagina down on her mouth.

Rinoa began to explore the inner workings of the vagina with her tongue and began to manipulate the clitoris. She could hear the sexual moaning of the young female upper-classman, which caused her to become even more frenzied with her tongue’s manipulations.

Rinoa suddenly felt the largest orgasm of her young life coming on simultaneously with a penis shooting hot cum up her vagina, and another penis shooting its wad of hot sperm up her rectum while the female upper-classman dripped cum down her throat. In the throes of world-class sexual excitement, Rinoa began to shriek so loud it could be heard over the din of the rock and roll band.

Suddenly it was all over! Selphie announced, “You don’t have to go to your rooms, but you can’t stay here.”

Disappointed hands gently deposited Rinoa on the floor of the mosh pit and, as they were slow in leaving, it left Rinoa completely protected from the view of the audience leaving the theatre seats.

A few minutes later, Rinoa was still lying stark naked on the floor covered in cum and too physically weak to stand after being wracked with so many orgasms in such a short time in the now almost completely empty Quad area. The only people left were a few assorted stagehands that were working backstage and Irvine, Zell and Selphie.

Irvine jumped down off the stage and stood over Rinoa drinking in with his eyes every inch and aspect of her beauty and asked solicitously “Are you okay, Rinoa?”

Before she could verbalize her answer, Selphie commanded “Irvine, you get away from that used piece of spent jet trash and come over here immediately!”

Irvine instantly complied and he and Selphie walked up the long staircase toward the corridor leading to the main part of the Garden.

Zell jumped down off the stage and, while pulling Rinoa to her feet, said “Wow, Rinoa! You are truly amazing!” “I never even heard of anything like that, much less have the opportunity to witness it.” “No wonder Squall is so hot for you!” And he too turned and walked up the staircase.

Rinoa blushed to receive such a wonderful compliment and then she too turned and staggered up the staircase. She did receive a number of extraordinary suggestions and invitations, as she staggered through the Garden stark naked covered in cum, but she felt so physically calm and drained it didn’t bother her.

Finally reaching the sanctuary of her room, she threw herself down on her bed and fell asleep almost immediately, but not before thinking “Wow, I hope Selphie asks me to perform next year at the Garden Festival!”

The End