One Day in Dollet

A lemon fanfic

By [email protected]

The characters in this fanfic are property of SquareSoft and are in no way affiliated with me. If vivid descriptions of sexual activities offend you, please do not go on in your reading.

Selphie brought her “boss hog” to a screeching stop in the front of the pub in Dollet. It was actually just a 250cc motorbike, but she just loved the way it felt when she hiked up her already short dress and wrapped her inner thighs around the cold hardness of it and took off on a long vibrating ride.

She had ridden over from Timber, where she had a nice little house she stayed in when she wasn’t on active duty. Of course this depended on where the Garden was located. You couldn’t very well commute from Trabia for instance.

This was a special day for Selphie. It was her eighteenth birthday and, so today, as Irvine told her the evening before, she was now a woman. Not only was it her birthday, but she and Irvine were going out on their first date.

The reason they decided to meet in Dollet and, not near her house in Timber, was Zone and Watts. They had returned to Timber and they kept a close watch on everything for Rinoa. Selphie didn’t want that busybody sticking her nose in her and Irvine’s business.

So at eleven o’clock in the morning, Selphie had left the Garden, which was presently stationed outside of Balamb and rode the Balamb train over to Timber. She retrieved her bike and made very good time to Dollet. But still Irvine wasn’t in front as he promised to be. Could she be mistaken? Could he have said to meet at the restaurant at the other end of town?

 “No,” she thought to herself, “I’m not going through that again like we did with that other couple. Running all over town trying to get them hooked up.”

Selphie leaned the bike over its kickstand and stood up; grabbing her “Strange Vision” she decided to take a look in the pub. She had debated whether it was really necessary to bring her weapon to a social occasion, but decided it was better to not leave home without it.

Selphie stepped to the doorway of the pub and immediately observed Irvine sitting at a table. “He looks a little stranger than usual,” she thought.

“Hey, Selp. Come on in. What are you waiting for?” slurred Irvine.

Several of the middle-aged drunks at the bar turned their heads momentarily to glance at her and then returned to their serious drinking.

Selphie strode over to the table where Irvine was sitting.

“You said you were going to meet me outside” she said in an angry tone.

“I got tired of waiting” explained Irvine “Here, let me take that. This is a class joint, you can’t be waving weapons around.” Irvine reached out and plucked Selphie’s weapon out of her hands and placed it behind him in the corner, where she couldn’t reach it.

Selphie stood, with her hands on her hips, angrily hovering over him. “Irvine, you’ve been drinking!” she accused.

“Well, what if I have?” was his rejoinder. “It’s a bar, isn’t it?”

“I’m leaving!” Selphie announced in a loud voice. Again a couple of the middle-aged heads peered over at her.

“No, don’t Selphie. I’m sorry” Irvine said while attempting to reach out from his sitting position and physically stop her. Selphie began to attempt to step away and whirled her arms to prevent him from clutching her. Irvine’s hand inadvertently got tangled in Selphie’s easy access zipper on the front of her short yellow dress and pulled it all the way down! The dress quickly tumbled off her shoulders to the ground and lay at her feet. Selphie stood in her panties and a smile.

This time some of the middle-aged heads turned to glance and remained to stare.

“Irvine!!” Selphie screamed. “What are you doing?!” Selphie attempted to cover her abundant breasts, whose nipples had become suddenly erect as the cold air hit them and pick up her dress at the same time and was failing in both attempts.

“Something I should have done a long time ago” said Irvine standing up and pulling Selphie’s panties off with a single swipe.

“Hear! Hear!” someone exclaimed at the bar.

The bartender pointedly looked in the other direction. It wasn’t any of his business.

Irvine stared at Selphie’s beautiful light brown pubic hair and her secret mound it covered. The lips of her cunt were beautiful and now somewhat distended in sexual excitement promising easy entry. Now Selphie had two areas she was attempting unsuccessfully to hide.

Irvine stood up and shed his cattleman’s coat. Selphie instantly noticed, with fear and trepidation, that he had an obvious erection beneath his clothing.

“Now, Selphie. Come here,” said Irvine clutching her by the arm and pulling her close to him. “I’ve waited a long time for this and I’m not going to wait any longer.”

He threw his mouth over hers and inserted his tongue into her mouth. The more Selphie struggled, the more sexually aroused Irvine became. He moved his other hand down to Selphie’s virginal vagina and inserted his middle finger and began searching for her clitoris.

Selphie moaned “Irvine, not here, not now.”

Irvine shed his shirt and pants and dropped his underwear to the floor. His eight-incher stood at attention. The group of middle-aged drunks left the bar and formed a circle round them shielding them from prying outside eyes. “Go get her, kid” one of them encouraged.

Irvine laid Selphie across the table and proceeded to suckle on her left nipple and then her right nipple, while still manipulating her clitoris with his finger. He moved his other hand underneath her and jammed two fingers into her anal cavity. Irvine removed his mouth from Selphie’s breast and placed his large penis on one nipple and then the other thrusting vigorously, almost spearing her mouth with the head of his machine. Selphie was moaning “No, no, no.”

Irvine protested, “But Selphie, I love you and I’ve waited so long.” Irvine inserted his penis into Selphie’s now fully open love canal and, while she began to attempt to buck him off, he held on for the ride. In and out, in and out, up and down Irvine pounded into Selphie’s extremely tight vagina with his eight-inch penis. When he finally managed to penetrate her hymen with his thrusting manhood, she screamed in pain “Stop Irvine! I’m a virgin.” “Not anymore” was Irvine’s sarcastic response as he gazed down upon her beautiful nude body. Selphie found it difficult to catch her breath. She continued to twist her legs any direction she could, which only increased Irvine’s sexual pleasure. Her large breasts slammed up and down or side to side depending on which way she was moving.

“Oh Goddamn!” yelled Irvine. Selphie continued crying and moaning and attempting to dislodge him, but in actuality she was only giving him a better fuck!

“Keep it agoing, Selphie!” Irvine yelled as he continued slamming into her with a military precision.

Irvine began to shoot his wad of hot sperm far up into Selphie’s vagina yelling “Oh God, have mercy.” He limply withdrew, momentarily satiated and collapsed across her on the table. The middle-age faces went back to drinking at the bar. “I couldn’t have done it better myself” praised one of them.

Selphie attempted to wiggle out from under Irvine.

“Uh huh” Irvine whispered “We’re not finished yet, not by a long shot.”

Selphie uncomfortably felt cum dripping from her pussy.

“Irvy” Selphie said in a wheedling tone, “That was truly wonderful. I was wondering if I could get up now?”

“Not so fast” Irvine retorted. “I’m not finished yet.”

A young man and woman entered the pub and seated themselves a couple of tables away from Selphie and Irvine. When the woman, an attractive, young blonde, finally comprehended what was happening in the dim light, she flushed bright red with embarrassment and turned to her date and asked, “What is going on over there?”

Her date answered, “I didn’t know they had any live entertainment here.”

Selphie burned with embarrassment and also rage. “I’m going to get that Irvine,” she thought, “If it’s the last thing I do.”

Irvine felt completely replenished now and stood up, his once again fully erect penis dangling over Selphie’s face with cum dropping down on her cheeks.

Irvine explained, “Now Selphie, I’ll tell you what we’re going to do. Do you like sucking cock?”

Selphie shook her head. “No, Irvine” she pleaded.

“Oh” he answered, “I bet that’s just because you’ve never tried it. Try it! You’ll love it. I guarantee it.”

Selphie tried to sit up quickly, but Irvine having the weight and height advantage, particularly since he was standing up, had no problem forcing her back down on the table.

“No, you don’t. I told you we’re not through yet.”

As Irvine realized Selphie could be particularly stubborn and he didn’t want her to cause any permanent damage to his penis, he decided it would be best to attempt an oblique approach. He leaned down and began to tickle Selphie vigorously all over her cum soaked, nude body. Selphie immediately began laughing and rolling around, as Irvine knew she would.

“Stop it, Irvine. You’re killing me,” Selphie demanded.

“Alright,” Irvine obeyed and leaned over and inserted his large penis into Selphie’s open mouth!

Selphie’s eyes grew wide with shame and anger. She tried to speak and demand he stop, but all she managed to say was “Mffum.”

“No,” said Irvine calmly, “This is not the time for talking. This is the time for sucking.”

Irvine had done a good job ramming his penis into Selphie’s mouth. It was almost bigger than her mouth and he had placed it so deeply it was nearly touching her tonsils; she wouldn’t be able to bite it if she wanted to, which of course she did.

“Suck on it,” commanded Irvine as he leaned over her, with his hands pressing her back on the table, rocking back and forth, pounding away at her mouth with his long shaft as he had at her womanhood only a few short minutes ago, in and out, in and out, faster and faster. Irvine moaned and his knees began to buckle.

Suddenly he noticed Selphie was turning blue. “Selphie!” he screamed, “Breath through your nose” and was heartened to notice she resumed breathing.

“Thank God!” he thought. He just wanted to fuck her; he didn’t want to kill her.

“Ah, Ah, Ah,” Irvine half moaned, half screamed as he shot his load of sperm down Selphie’s throat, who responded by making gagging noises.

Irvine pulled his limp member out of Selphie’s mouth and again dribbled cum all over her face.

He collapsed in a chair beside her. Selphie lay there stark naked with cum dripping off her on a table in a pub in the City of Dollet with people eating their lunches all around her, and outright staring at her cum soaked nakedness. She continued to lie there for a minute waiting for her opportunity to strike back at Irvine. She thought she had it, when Irvine, who was sodden with alcohol and sex, began to nod off in his chair. Selphie quietly began to move off the table in an effort to reach behind Irvine and retrieve her weapon. Just as she was standing up and reaching behind him, Irvine came to his senses.

“Oh no, you don’t!” Irvine exclaimed and attempted to grab her once again. Selphie was able to elude his grasp this time and danced away. Irvine stood up quickly and began to lumber towards her. Selphie had two choices; she could run stark naked out into the streets of Dollet or she could run upstairs to the second floor of the pub.

Selphie quickly turned and ran up the staircase to the second floor. The second floor consisted of a number of green felt card tables for the playing of Triple Triad. The only inhabitants of the room was an old man, who was Dollet’s past master of Triple Triad and a younger man who was the present master, both of whom presently were standing there with their mouths gaping as they drank in the beauty of Selphie’s nakedness. Selphie realized the only place she could run to was the card master’s secret room, but not only was that a dead end, but she would also have to run along the outside passage exposing her naked beauty to any random passersby in the street.

By this time Irvine had entered the room.

“Selphie” he commanded. “You come here right now.”

“I will not!” she screamed.

Irvine advanced on her and as she attempted to run away from him, he grabbed her from behind, lifted her fully into the air and body slammed her face down on the card master’s table.

“Oh, no,” the card master said with some real emotion in his voice. “I just put new felt on that.”

Irvine ignoring this proceeded to reach down and spread Selphie’s rectum and rammed his tongue in.

“No! Irvine. Not there! Selphie pleaded. “Enough is enough.”

“It’s not enough yet, Sefie” Irvine answered removing his tongue.

Irvine spread Selphie’s legs as far as possible and pulled her to him as he stood at the edge of the table. He rammed his eight-inch penis into Selphie’s asshole.

Selphie screamed at the top of her lungs, “Oh my God, it hurts! Stop it, Irvine!”

The card master said, “I can’t watch any more of this desecration to my table” and he left the room. The old man, on the other hand, didn’t seem to mind at all and moved closer to Irvine and Selphie to obtain a better view.

Irvine glanced over at him and sarcastically suggested, “Bring the kids, why don’t cha?”

Irvine held Selphie tightly by the waist and pulled her closer with each of his forward thrusts of his blood-engorged penis. She continued to scream, as he pounded away at her with the force of a steam piston. Irvine finally shot his wad of hot cum up her asshole and, as he pulled his penis out, he noticed it had some blood on it. Selphie lay face down on the table leaking cum and blood onto it. Irvine staggered slightly over to another table and lay down on his back.

Slowly Selphie came to her senses and she began to look about the room peripherally, because she didn’t want to attract Irvine’s attention. She perceived he had, once again, fallen asleep.

She quickly, but quietly, climbed down from the table and crept down the stairs to the first floor, while the old man looked on regretfully. Upon reaching the first floor, Selphie realized she could just throw on Irvine’s coat, as her clothes were ruined, and get the hell out of there. But she wasn’t interested. She wanted revenge and she wanted it now!

Selphie hurried over to the corner and secured her weapon – Strange Vision. Selphie stood there in the center of the pub stark naked and snapped it a couple of times on the floor – CRAACK! One of the middle-aged heads said “You go girl!” Several of the diners stopped eating for a second and burst into spontaneous applause.

Selphie nodded and bounded up the stairs. Irvine was still sound asleep flat on his back on the card table. When the old man perceived what was going to happen next, he quickly removed himself to the corner of the room.

CRAACK! Selphie snapped her weapon down on the head of Irvine’s now limp penis.

Irvine half writhed in pain, half attempted to stand up and landed on the floor in a ball. “Oh Goddamn!” he screamed in agony. “It hurts. Stop it Selphie!”

“Oh yeah,” she responded, “Just like I begged you to stop just a short time ago. Well, now it’s your turn to get fucked!” Selphie continued to dance around him snapping her weapon here and there, lightly breaking the skin in places, but never breaking bones and never doing any life threatening damage. It was a virtuoso performance of inflicting pain.

Later as Selphie was riding her bike back to Timber, cum still leaking from her vagina and blood from her rectum, wearing only Irvine’s coat she thought to herself, “Now there’s a date I’m going to remember for awhile.”

The End