On The Highwind

 A Final Fantasy VII Fanfic By Cekil1
 November 14, 2001 

Disclaimer: All characters belong to Squaresoft Inc. I'm just borrowing them for a sec. 

This story is not to be read by anyone under the age of 18. Involves Sexual situations and discriptions of Sexual Intercourse.

This is my first attempt at a Lemon and I hope you enjoy it. ;) 

Cloud had just finished helping Vincent & Barret Defeat Ruby Weapon & he felt completely burnt out. "Oh man, I've got to practice summoning Bahamut Zero more often or else I'll feel like this all the time," he thought to himself. "Hey guys how'd it go?" Yuffie asked as Barret followed Cloud down the steps. "It was Tough as all HELL back there." Barret replied, "Those damned Weapons can take a licking and keep on ticking." Before Yuffie could ask why it was so Hard to fight one MEASLY (Yeah Right) Weapon Vincent floated softly to his feet in front of her and gazed at her with his dark red eyes. "Damn Showoff!" Cloud snorted as he and Barret limped to there sleeping quarters near the back of the Airship. Meanwhile Yuffie felt almost as if she were being hypnotised by Vincent's penitrating gaze. "Ah w-where's the rest of the group?" Vincent watched her a moment longer before he answered her question. "They stayed at the Golden Saucer." They stared at each other for a beat of 15 seconds during which Yuffie began to think about just how good Vincent looked even though his eyes were so cold. She began to daydream of him taking her into his arms and kissing her deeply on the lips. Vincent felt his heart skip a beat as he noticed the ninja thief slowly moving closer to him with her eyes shut tightly. "Uh...Yuffie...are you okay?" She blinked twice and immediatly backed away although there lips were just inches apart when he had spoken. "Oh god," she thought "I'm so embarrased." Out loud she lamely said "Sorry I don't know what came over me, I...I just thought I might give you a little kiss for a job well done." With that she ran off feeling like an idiot. Vincent called after her but she didn't stop. "Man," he thought "I should has just gone with the flow." 

Later in her quarters Yuffie was silently berating herself for reacting so abruptly earlier. "I shouldn't have run off." She whispered to herself "Maybe he would have let me kiss him if I didn't act so childish...I'm gonna find out." Yuffie stood and made to leave when she heard a soft rapping on her door. "It's Vincent...may I come in?" Yuffie felt her stomach lock up and she stopped breathing for a moment. "Looks like I won't have to find him myself." She though as she opened the door to allow him an entrance. Yuffie stepped back and sat on her bed as he walked in. "Yuffie," he began "I'm sorry I embarrased you I've just never been kissed by such a young girl and I never thought you'd want to kiss me." Yuffie stood up slowly with a look that boarded on anger and looked sharply at her teammate. "What-do-ya-mean Young." Vincent looked up with surprise written clearly on his face he wasn't expecting this! "I didn't mean young in a bad way I'm just used to attracting women who are on a different level of under- standing. If anything that only served to make her madder. "So now I'm immature eh?" She almost hollered "I'm not good enough for you or something, not womenly enough?" He watched her with an slight grimice. "That's not it at all, you're a beautiful young woman and whoever ends up with you will be a lucky man." Yuffie moved over to her window looking angrily out on the Golden Saucer. "Fine," she snorted "Thanks for clearing that up now get OUT!" Vincent tired to make ammends once more "Yuffie I would never call you immature and you know it, I just want you to understand that I'm not used to having a younger woman swooning over me." It seemed as if her shoulders tensed a bit but she was smart enough to understand that he was really sorry and not just making it all up for her benifit. "Besides I think you're great you have a lot of energy and your presence makes us all feel better about our mission. You help us remember what we're fighting for." Yuffie's slumped her shoulders and felt her eyes film over with tears. "He actually likes me." she thought "I can't believe it." With that thought she began to cry. Vincent heard her weeping and incorrectly thought that he had upset her to the point of a crying fit with his words. He saw her face in the window and watched her tears fall slowly down her slightly flushed cheeks. He slowly walked toward her, took hold of her shoulders and spun her around until she faced him. "I'm sorry," he said again "I wish..." "No she said it's okay I'm not crying 'cuz I'm sad it's because I'm happy." Almost on impulse Vincent kissed her cheek softly, then he placed his right hand on her face and kissed her on the lips. She immediatly responded by parting her lips and allowing his tounge access to her own. He broke the kiss and stared into her bright brown eyes lovingly. At this point Yuffie felt ready to take it to the next level so, she slowly removed her arm-guard, her green shirt and black bra leaving her clad in her beige shorts (she'd removed her shoes and socks before he'd entered her room) and bare from the waist up. Vincent was slightly alarmed at the sight of her medium tear shaped breasts and he quickly voiced his opinion. "Are you entirely sure about this Yuffie?" She nodded her affirmative and helped him remove his red cape and black T-shirt. They resumed kissing as he took off her shorts and panties. She leaned against the window still and raised first one leg then the other to allow him to slide her shorts and panties from around her ankles. He raised from his knees until he was at eye level with her breasts. Starting with the right he kissed their softness and gently nibbled on her nipples teasing them to life. From there he moved his kisses to her stomach, belly and finally her damp vagina. She moaned her saticifaction and pushed his head closer to her mound until his nose was less than an inch from her pubic hair. Vincent used his tounge to probe her womanhood and two fingers to spread the outer petals. The musky auroma of her vagina was causing his manhood to harden and throb hotly. Yuffie's moans were quickly becoming slight yelps of pleasure and she covered her mouth in fear of being found out by her other teammates. Vincent stood to his full height and allowed Yuffie to remove his pants and boxers. She blushed slightly at the sight of his eight inch penis and wondered if she could take him without hurting herself. Vincent could see the hesitation in her eyes and was on the verge of changing his mind about this but before he could move a muscle she took hold of his manhood with both hands, went to her knees and slowly began to stroke him back and forth. He leaned his head back and sighed as she first kissed the tip and finally took him into her mouth. Yuffie wasn't sure how to make him feel the pleasure he gave her but she did her best simultaniously stroking and bobbing her head back and forth in a slow motion. Yuffie wanted to feel Vincent inside of her so she stopped her oral manipulation and stood up. Vincent began to move closer but she placed a hand on his chest to stop him. "What's wrong?" he asked. "Nothing," she said "this may sound kinda silly but I wanted to be taken from behind 'cuz I heard it felt better than the usual way." Vincent smiled and turned her around whispering "as you wish." She leaned against the cool window and spread her legs trembling with anticipation (This is her first time ya know :). Vincent was very gentle as he slowly entered her virgin sex from behind. She felt a slight tearing pain as he broke her hymen with the first thrust. It wasn't as bad as she thought it would be and she quickly forgot the pain as the pleasure hit her and he began to fill her vagina almost entirely. As Vincent slowly sped up she started to moan but kept her mouth closed. His breathing became rapid as he moved his hips faster and faster. Yuffie moved in rhythm with his thrusts and her voice started to get louder than she thought possible "Oh God, oh god, OH GOD!" Vincent soon lost control as he joined her in a vast ocean of pleasure. They both came in the same moment and anyone who didn't know what was going on in the room would think someone...two someones were dying in pain when in fact they were on the verge of collapse from intense waves of pleasure... 

Later Vincent woke up in a tangle on the floor from the afternoon's excesses. Yuffie was still fast asleep and she looked even more beautiful than just a few hours ago. Carefully, so he wouldn't disturb her, he lifted her body from the floor and placed her in the bed. Then he dressed himself and kissed her on the cheek. "I Love You." He whispered in her ear and with a long loving glace he left her room. "I Love You too, Vincent." She whispered as she turned over in her bed with a smile and went to sleep... 


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