Rinoa’s Week

A lemon fanfic

by Robert [email protected]

The characters in this fanfic are property of SquareSoft and are in no way affiliated with me. If vivid descriptions of sexual activities offend you, please do not go on.

Rinoa awoke in her bed and felt good. She stretched luxuriously under her sheets, smiled and sat up in bed, the sheets tumbling from her nude upper body, exposing her beautiful breasts. And then her entire world crashed, as she remembered Squall and Quistis had been sent on a secret mission to Deiling City and she wouldn’t be seeing him today. She probably wouldn’t be seeing Squall for a long time or maybe never again! 

Rinoa shook her head no! That would never happen! “But the worst,” she thought, “was when Squall said to me, You can’t go with us. You’re not even a SeeD.” Rinoa sat and remembered the sharp pain this caused in her heart, when he uttered those words with such finality.

Rinoa spoke aloud, “Well, that’s going to change starting today!”

She tossed off her sheets, stood up and crossed the room, completely naked, pulling open her closet. Rinoa had a campaign in mind and it involved Headmaster Cid.


Rinoa waited near the first floor elevator to watch for Xu to come down. Xu would always come down for inspection after the morning staff meeting. Rinoa was slightly uncomfortable with some of the strange looks she had been receiving, from SeeDs and upper-classmen, because of the manner in which she was dressed.

Rinoa had decided on a full frontal manipulative attack on Cid to allow her to attend classes. She had shampooed and styled her lovely hair, put on her high heels and the slinky, yellow dress she wore, when she manipulated Cid to send SeeDs to help the Forest Owls and a liberal dose of her favorite perfume. She also prepared some other weapons in her arsenal she would use, if she had to.

The elevator door opened and Xu stepped down the stairs. Rinoa turned away, and waited until Xu cleared the staircase and turned left and then Rinoa quickly strutted up the stairs and entered the elevator.

Rinoa departed the elevator on the third floor in Cid’s newly renovated office and crossed to his desk. Cid appeared to be busy shuffling papers, something he spent a great deal of time doing.

“Good Morning, Cid” Rinoa called out brightly.

Cid looked up, totally disorientated for a second, saw who it was and blushed slightly at the sight of the beautiful Rinoa and then recovered nicely and said “Good Morning, Rinoa. How are you today?”

“I’m wonderful!” Rinoa lied, looking around for a chair and then sitting down across from him.

Cid asked, “What can I do for you today?”

“I would like to become a SeeD” she explained.

Cid was visibly taken aback by her request. “W - Well now, Rinoa” he began to stammer, “As you know SeeDs are raised from a very young age. Uh, that’s why we call them SeeDs, ha! ha!” Cid reached up and wiped some sweat off his brow.

Rinoa reached down subtly and hiked her already short dress up to the top of her thighs showing her long beautiful legs off to good advantage, as she was sitting with her legs spread in the widest possible manner.

Across from her, Cid suddenly started sweating profusely as he gazed upon Rinoa’s long legs and her dark underwear she was exposing to him. Or did he catch sight of a brunette pubic haired vagina peeking out at him from underneath her short dress? “No” he thought to himself, “I must be imagining things.”

Rinoa said calmly, “But Cid, you already know that I can fight and I ran my own resistance group.”

 When she perceived Cid was going to offer a rebuttal, Rinoa, deciding the time for subtlety had past, deliberately reached down and drew the hem of her short yellow dress to her waist exposing fully to Cid’s view her vulva, mons pubis with it’s beautiful brunette pubic hair and her open labia.

Cid sat completely stunned unable to speak or move, but he was aware he had an erection suddenly pushing quite strongly against the fabric of his trousers. He hadn’t experienced one of those, since the time he had accidentally walked in on Xu, as she was changing into her uniform.

Rinoa remarked, “I think you’re beginning to see what I’m getting at, don’t you Cid?”

“Yes” Cid gulped, “I think I can see your point. I think it can be arranged for you to start classes today as an upper-classman.”

Rinoa sat back smiling sweetly at him. She thought to herself “That bit gets him every time.”

Later when Selphie, Zell and Irvine were preparing to leave the cafeteria, where they had just finished eating breakfast, Rinoa walked in wearing an upper-classman female uniform with the shortest skirt ever seen by any of them. “Hi everyone!” Rinoa exclaimed. “Guess what?” she asked. “I’m going to be a SeeD!”

“Oh my God!” retorted Selphie. “Since when?”

“Since this morning” Rinoa explained, “Cid is allowing me to attend classes. Isn’t he sweet? And he even handpicked this uniform for me.”

Rinoa’s class on advanced diplomacy let out an hour early, due to the instructor having a meeting scheduled with Headmaster Cid. She realized Selphie would still be involved with her afternoon duties, so having nothing better to do she returned to her room.

Once she reached her room, she felt as though she was a cat on a hot tin roof. She didn’t really feel as though she wanted to immediately launch into studying, as she hoped Selphie would help her with this in the evening and she really didn’t have any other female friends to spend time with.

Rinoa attempted to lie down and nap, but wasn’t tired and soon became bored with just laying there. She started to brood about Squall’s absence and, feeling the worry and fear well up in her, she thought “This is not good! Obsessing isn’t going to help anything.”

“I know,” she spoke aloud. “I’ll go for a swim in the pool.”

Reaching into her bureau, she pulled out her bikini, grabbed a towel and left her room and began to walk to the elevator.

The swimming pool was located in the large basement area and was a new addition to the Garden. There was also a gym and a locker room. The pool was extremely large, overly chlorinated to a deep blue and often too cold in the winter and too warm in the summer.

Having reached the swimming pool area, Rinoa entered the locker room that was connected to both the gym and the swimming pool. There were six rows of lockers with benches and a large shower room. There were strict rules regarding the time of the week the facilities could be used by men and women SeeDs and upper-classmen, as there was no way to separate the facilities for the different sexes.

Since it was Tuesday of the second week, Rinoa realized she was within the rules. The time alternated on an every other day basis. After quickly stripping off her uniform and placing it in a locker, she pulled on her bikini, grabbed her towel and entered the swimming pool area. She crossed to the bleachers built for swim meets and placed her towel down. She then turned and, with a running start, jumped off the edge of the pool and did a giant cannon ball into it. After a few minutes of vigorous swimming, she felt much calmer and realized she had made the right decision to get out of her room.

Since it was now so close to dinnertime, Rinoa realized it would be unlikely anyone would enter the pool this late in the day, so she decided it would be more fun swimming in the nude. Swimming close by the wall, she paused and removed her bikini and placed it up on the floor outside of the pool. Swimming up and down the pool, Rinoa decided it did feel much more liberating and, besides, she thought with a grin, it was a bit risqué.

After thirty minutes, she began to tire and pulled herself out of the pool. She sat on the side of the pool dangling her legs in the water and happened to glance down at her slightly open vagina. She began to gently tease her beautiful pubic hair and then suddenly glanced around the pool area just to make double sure she was safe. She eased herself into the water and pushed her middle finger of her right hand into her labia and began moving it back and forth.

Now she really did feel much calmer. Locating her clitoris, she began to imagine a favorite fantasy of hers, in which she and Squall are making love on a table in the cafeteria during a busy dinner hour. People were crowding around their table and commenting how beautiful she appeared and what great sexual finesse she was displaying and were expressing their extreme envy of both she and Squall and wishing aloud they could make love to her.

Suddenly moving her finger faster and faster, she began to experience her orgasm. “Ah” she moaned, “That’s better” as the orgasm washed out of her. When she had finished, she decided to go and shower and then get ready for dinner.

Pulling herself out of the pool, she retrieved her towel and bikini and, crossing the tiled flooring, she entered the locker room. Placing her bikini and towel on a bench, she entered the shower room and began to luxuriate under a hot shower. “Darn it!” she thought, “I forgot to bring my shampoo.”

It was then she heard what sent shivers of terror straight down her spine. It was an unmistakable male voice! And then two of them and then three of them! “Oh no!” Rinoa thought, “It is Tuesday, isn’t it?”

Rinoa quickly turned the water off, so as to not be heard in the locker room. She crept along the wall of the shower room toward the entrance listening to hear if the voices were growing louder. She was hoping to possibly run out into the locker room and go down one row of lockers and stay hidden until either the male visitors left completely or went into the shower room and then quickly reach her clothes and get dressed and out of there.

Not hearing any voices at all, Rinoa hoped they had either entered the pool area or the gym and stepped out of the shower room. She was immediately confronted by a stark naked Irvine, Zell and Nida! She couldn’t help but notice they developed instant erections upon viewing her beautiful denuded form and that Nida’s erection appeared to be larger by far. “Isn’t that ironic” she thought with a giggle, “May be this is just the distraction I need to feel better.” Rinoa stepped forward and began to manipulate Nida’s penis with her right hand. His knees immediately buckled and Rinoa became frightened he was going to pass out.

Rinoa gently pulled Nida down on to the locker room floor and climbed up on top of him. She very carefully inserted his eight-inch erection into her now distended vagina and began to plunge up and down. “Oh yes” she murmured.

Meanwhile Irvine sidled next to her and, by lowering his knees, he managed to place his seven-inch erection in front of Rinoa’s mouth. She immediately took it into her mouth and began gently sucking around the tip and then gradually began taking more and more of it into her mouth. She continued to plunge up and down on Nida, who, she realized, was nearing his orgasm.

“Fuck me, Rinoa!” Nida screamed as he shot his hot load of semen straight up the Deiling City beauty’s succulent vagina. Since Rinoa had been nearing her own orgasm, she felt more than slightly frustrated Nida couldn’t have waited another moment or two before exploding inside of her.

Consequently she felt a great sense of satisfaction and gratitude, when Irvine removed his penis dripping with Rinoa’s saliva from her mouth and, helping her off Nida’s now completely withered erection, he gently laid her on the locker room floor, spread her legs and carefully inserted his blood-engorged seven-inch penis into her juicy vagina and began thrusting with all of his worth.

Meanwhile Rinoa noticed Zell had begun to manipulate his six-inch erect penis with his right hand. Tugging back and forth on his penis, it actually appeared to Rinoa to grow larger as Zell’s eyes took on a glazed expression.

Irvine began thrusting the entire length of his penis far up into the Deiling City beauty’s vagina harder and harder. He began to reach her G-spot over and over and Rinoa realized she was approaching the near edge of experiencing her orgasm. She encouraged “Fuck me harder!” and grasped Irvine’s buttocks and began assisting him in thrusting further into her.

“God!” Rinoa screamed as she suddenly felt waves of cum cascading out of her glorious vagina. Irvine began to spew his own hot load of semen up inside of Rinoa, as Zell finally achieved his own goal and began to shower Rinoa’s face and beautiful brunette hair with his load of hot cum. Rinoa began to greedily drink all the semen she could flick into her mouth with her tongue.

A few minutes later, as the four teenagers were showering together, Rinoa exclaimed “Gosh! That was great fun! Thanks, you all. I’m glad now I didn’t realize this was Wednesday!”


Rinoa and Selphie sat on opposite ends of Rinoa’s bed with Rinoa’s textbook lying in the middle. Rinoa was sitting cross-legged in a semi-yoga position in an attempt to wake up, as she was feeling somewhat drowsy after her afternoon adventures.

“What’s your test in tomorrow?”

“Elementary magic” answered Rinoa.

“Well, let’s get started” Selphie suggested picking up the study sheet. “What’s the answer to question #1?” Several questions and answers later, Rinoa noticed Selphie appeared transfixed with her lap.

“Uh, Rinoa. I guess it shouldn’t bother me since there are no guys here, but why aren’t you wearing any underwear?”

Rinoa glanced down and perceived her short skit had ridden up dangerously high on her thighs fully exposing to Selphie’s view her vulva, mons pubis with it’s beautiful brunette pubic hair and her labia. “Oh my God!” she thought while quickly reaching down to pull her skirt down, “I left my panties in the locker room!”

Suddenly Selphie’s hand snaked out and clutched Rinoa’s preventing her from becoming decent again.

“What are you doing?!” shrieked Rinoa.

“Wait” Selphie explained, “I just want to look. It’s okay, we’re both girls for God sakes.”

Still holding Rinoa’s hand away, Selphie leaned down to closely inspect Rinoa’s vulva. Glancing up into Rinoa’s sweet, but now perplexed appearing, face Selphie admitted, “Your cunt is so beautiful – nothing like my withered up looking thing.”

Rinoa blushed furiously at Selphie’s filthy obscenity and protested, “I’m sure you’re mistaken. I bet your vagina is every bit as good looking as mine is.”

Selphie retorted “Here I’ll show you” and, before Rinoa could lodge a complaint, Selphie arose quickly from the bed and removed every piece of clothing she was wearing, now standing stark naked in front of Rinoa!

“Selphie!” Rinoa half-heartedly protested, while becoming intrigued, despite herself, at perceiving Selphie’s labia was now fully open in an invitation and there was moisture present. Selphie drew closer to the bed, where Rinoa was seated, literally sticking her quite beautiful, light brownish, pubic hair framed vagina into Rinoa’s face! “There! – Do you see what I mean?” Selphie asked the astonished Deiling City teenager.

Rinoa glanced up at Selphie and responded gently, “It appears quite beautiful to me, Selphie and besides your breasts are far fuller than mine. I’m jealous!” It was true Selphie had wondrously large breasts with the most luscious nipples possible.

“I don’t believe you,” Selphie protested, “You’re just saying that to make me feel better.”

“No, no” Rinoa insisted, “I’m not.”

“Let me see,” responded Selphie as she suddenly reached down and pulled Rinoa’s school uniform blouse over her head causing her beautiful breasts to bounce. Selphie peered intently at Rinoa’s beautifully formed breasts with their splendid nipples, while Rinoa blushed furiously and attempted to cover herself by raising her hands over them.

Since Rinoa’s hands were now preoccupied with attempting to fend off Selphie’s inspection of her breasts, Selphie reached down and pulled off Rinoa’s skirt with one quick yank!

“Selphie!” Rinoa screeched, “You’ve stripped me as naked as a jay bird!”

“He, he” Selphie giggled while suddenly leaning down and beginning to passionately kiss the startled Rinoa. Selphie snaked her tongue into Rinoa’s open mouth and began to probe the beautiful teenager’s mouth. Suddenly Rinoa began to become sexually aroused and she began returning the kiss in earnest, while reaching out with her hands and gently rubbing Selphie’s nipples, which arose in appreciation.

Selphie climbed onto the bed and laid her naked body on top of Rinoa while continuing to kiss her. Rinoa began to gently rub her hands everywhere on Selphie’s body she could easily reach. Selphie moaned and reaching down with her right hand inserted two fingers into Rinoa’s impressive vagina.

Selphie began moving her fingers back and forth in Rinoa’s accepting vagina. Rinoa moaned and reached down with her hands and located Selphie’s vulva. Selphie located Rinoa’s clitoris and began to rub back and forth faster and faster. She realized from the moisture present on her fingers that Rinoa had become sexually aroused. Rinoa murmured, “Fuck me, Selphie. Fuck me harder.”

Selphie complied with Rinoa’s request by inserting another one of her fingers into Rinoa and beginning to thrust her three fingers as far as they could reach, while Rinoa inserted three of her fingers into Selphie’s distended juicy vagina and began to manipulate her clitoris. “Oh God!” Selphie shouted. “That’s feels so good. Don’t stop.”

Rinoa worked her fingers in and out of Selphie’s breathtaking vagina faster and faster causing Selphie to do the same in her until suddenly both of the awesomely beautiful teenagers began screaming in ecstasy as their cum came rolling out of their beauteous vaginas.

A few moments later, as Xu entered their room without knocking she was quite startled to find a totally nude Rinoa sitting cross-legged on one end of her bed and a stark naked Selphie sitting in the same position on the other end asking Rinoa questions about elementary magic.

Blushing furiously, Xu exclaimed, “Oh, I beg your pardon” and quickly backed out through the doorway closing the door. Rinoa and Selphie looked at each other and burst out laughing.


Several days later Selphie, Zell, Irvine and Rinoa were seated around an early morning cafeteria table.

“Rinoa!” Selphie exclaimed in a loud tone. Rinoa’s head snapped up. She had been nodding over her notes on the Articles of Garden.

Selphie commented, “I see someone went to cram school last night. Which course is the test in?”

When Rinoa responded it was an Articles of Garden test, everyone except Irvine began groaning, each of them remembering how difficult the class had been and what a backbreaker the tests were.

Zell advised, “You should let it go now. Don’t study up ‘til the last second. You’ll end up just psyching yourself out. If you don’t know it by now, chances are fifteen to twenty more minutes of cramming isn’t going to help a bit.”

Selphie agreed “Zell’s right. It’s time to just let it go and do the best you can.”

Rinoa, deciding their feedback was sound, closed her notebook and said, “Thank you everybody. It’s just so hard. I haven’t been in school for four years. Actually I wasn’t in school then either. That man always had tutors for me. It was really easy.”

Zell changed the subject saying, “Can anybody help me today? I need to go down to Balamb in one of the trucks to pick up some supplies.”

Selphie and Irvine both knew Zell always volunteered for this duty, because he liked to spend a couple of hours with his family before returning and it became very boring quickly for anyone, who traveled with him. They quickly thought of excuses for why they couldn’t go.

 “What about you, Rinoa? Could you go with me?” Zell asked.

 "Me?” asked Rinoa, feeling secretly flattered that somebody had asked her for assistance. “Sure, I can go, but you’ll have to wait until I get out of my Articles of Garden class.”

 “Hey, no prob!” exclaimed Zell.

Rinoa met Zell in the parking garage in the afternoon and they set out for Balamb in a Garden truck with Zell driving; a little haphazardly by Rinoa’s thinking, but they arrived there safely. Pulling into Balamb, Zell explained, “We have to load all the cases into the back of the truck. This is a monthly order, so the shop will have everything ready for us.” It took them about an hour to load the truck and once they were finished, Zell looked at Rinoa, who was sweating profusely. “Man, you look zonked” Zell said.

Rinoa agreed, “I feel zonked.” Rinoa realized she was really feeling the effects of remaining up all night studying.

Zell informed her “I’m going to visit my parents for a little while. Do you want to come along?” Zell felt relieved when Rinoa declined the invitation. His friends were usually quite bored, if they went along with him.

Rinoa explained, “I’m going to crawl into the back of the truck and get a little sleep.”

Zell exclaimed “Hey, no prob! Catch you later” and ran off down the street toward his parents’ house.

Rinoa opened the back door of the truck and climbed in, shutting the door behind her. “Whew” she thought, “It’s so hot in here. I’ll never be able to sleep in here.” Against her better judgment, Rinoa decided to remove her uniform in order to feel a little more comfortable. She folded it neatly and placed it in the corner of the truck. Rinoa laid down and fell asleep immediately.

Two hours later, Zell emerged from his parents’ house and returned to the truck. He climbed into the cab and glanced into the back of the truck. Rinoa was lying sideways against the supplies and Zell could only distinguish her head and shoes. “Still sleeping” Zell thought, “Poor kid. I’ll let her sleep until we get back to Garden.”

The next thing Rinoa realized Zell was opening the back door of the truck and a large group of male and female upper-classmen, and a male SeeD who was supervising them, was standing there to help unload the truck. Someone reached out with a hand to help her down, so they could unload the truck. It had been extremely hot in the truck and Rinoa had continued to perspire freely thereby rendering her white bra and panties completely transparent. Someone in the crowd gasped, when they caught a glimpse of Rinoa and the male SeeD wolf whistled. 

When Rinoa finally awoke enough to glance around and then down at her fully exposed firm, high breasts with their wondrously large nipples and her mons pubis, she shouted “Oh my God! Help me, Zell!”

Unfortunately Zell had already left, his portion of the task completed. The SeeD was a dark haired, brawny-looking, six-footer and he suddenly stepped forward and ripped Rinoa’s bra and panties off in one big swipe rendering her stark naked in front of fifteen male and female upper-classmen! The crowd burst into spontaneous cheering and applause at the SeeD’s actions.

Rinoa noted with horror that several of the male upper-classmen, plus the tall SeeD standing in front of her had began to quickly divest themselves of their uniforms! Rinoa attempted to crawl back into the truck, but her efforts were thwarted by the now completely naked SeeD grasping her with his strong hands around her waist and pulling her backwards.

Rinoa reached out quickly and pulled her uniform out of the truck. She wrenched herself free from the SeeD’s grip and, quickly donned her upper-classman uniform, thereby successfully hiding her naked beauty from the rapacious staring of the group of upper-classmen. She stared arrogantly at the now totally out of place nudity of the SeeD, who remained standing in front of her and several stark naked male upper-classmen who, in their sexual excitement, had rushed up to her.

Rinoa heard several of the female upper-classmen laughing out loud at the now ludicrously naked young men. “Serve’s them right,” Rinoa thought self-righteously. Rinoa began stepping away from the parking lot toward the corridor that would lead her to the main part of the Garden, when suddenly the group of naked young men began to rip and tear at her uniform in a sexual frenzy.

Rinoa screamed, “Stop it! You’re ruining my uniform!”

The sex-crazed male upper-classmen led by the male SeeD continued to seize any part of her uniform they could reach on Rinoa, who was attempting to run, and pulled huge segments of her uniform off her body finally leaving her as completely naked as previously with her precious uniform laying in tatters at her feet.

Glancing quickly around the parking lot, hoping to discover someone who would be willing to lend her their support, Rinoa observed that the rest of the male upper-classmen was now as naked as she and that even the female upper-classmen had begun to remove their uniforms. Some were already totally nude, while others were standing in their bra and panties!

Suddenly the male upper-classmen became distracted by the female students, all of whom were now wantonly stark naked. Several of them were quite beautiful, in their own right. A few seconds later, there was sexual coupling occurring all around the parking lot floor between the male and female upper-classmen!

As the male SeeD reached out to clutch Rinoa, the Deiling City denuded beauty stepped forward with her arms extended as though she was going to embrace him. As the male SeeD was standing next to her, Rinoa quickly brought her right knee up in an explosive manner catching him square in his testicles and his six-inch erection! He screamed in agony and clutched his groin area while falling to his knees. Rinoa whirled and sprinted from the parking lot in the direction of the main part of the Garden. She had no other options, at this point, other than to run to her and Selphie’s room with her naked splendor available to the sight of anyone whose path she crossed.

As luck would have it, the first person she encountered was Xu, who had just left the corridor leading to the dormitory. As the wantonly stark naked Rinoa ran past her, Xu stood rooted with her mouth agape. She observed Rinoa disappear down the corridor leading to the dormitories and thought, “What in the world is going on with that girl? I’m certainly glad Squall is returning to the Garden tomorrow.”

Rinoa finally reached the sanctuary of her and Selphie’s room and she threw herself across her bed in exhaustion. She thought to herself “That’s the last time I do a favor for Zell.”

A few minutes later, Rinoa heard a knock come upon her door and, feeling certain it was Selphie, who had probably forgotten her key, because she was due to get off duty at any time now, she crossed to the door without asking who it was and opened the door.

Rinoa was quite shocked and embarrassed to observe Xu standing in front of her and began to blush furiously at once again being wantonly naked in front of Xu, who appeared this time to be enjoying her view of the stark naked teenager.

“I need to speak with you, Rinoa” explained Xu and stepped past Rinoa into the bedroom. Quite naturally, Rinoa attempted to hide her naked charms from Xu’s prying eyes, but was unsuccessful in her attempt to cover both her bountiful breasts and lovely vagina with her two hands and, as she began to turn away from Xu in order to cross her bedroom and obtain a robe from her closet, Xu reached out with her hand and clasped Rinoa by her right wrist saying “It would be much better if you weren’t dressed, when I speak with you, Rinoa.”

Rinoa turned back to face Xu and her beautiful face appeared totally embarrassed and perplexed at Xu’s odd request.

Xu explained “I stopped by to say hello to you and Selphie several nights ago and I discovered the two of you sitting on your bed totally nude exposing your sexual organs to each other.”

When Rinoa attempted to protest, Xu retorted, “Please allow me to continue.”

Rinoa fell silent and Xu responded, “Thank you. Now today in the late afternoon out in the area of the Garden that is open to the public, you run by me totally nude, which there can be no rational explanation for, so I don’t wish to hear any excuses. I just wanted to tell you that Squall is expected to return tomorrow-.”

“That’s great, Xu!” Rinoa interrupted, forgetting for a moment in her happiness to be embarrassed.

“Please let me finish” Xu declared. “Since Squall is expected to return tomorrow, I thought I wouldn’t have a better opportunity than the present to question you about this aberrant sexual behavior. Have you been driven by Squall’s absence to become a lesbian, Rinoa?”

Rinoa burst out laughing. “Is that what you wanted to talk about? No, I’m straight as an arrow. I’m a man’s lady all the way.”

Xu commented, “Despite your glib denial, I’m not at all certain you’re telling me the entire truth. That is why I asked you to remain nude, so I could observe your physical responses.”

Rinoa asked completely perplexed, “Whatever are you talking about, Xu?”

“Just this – I wish to see your responses to the sight of a naked woman.”

To Rinoa’s utter amazement, Xu began to remove her uniform skirt by unhooking it and then pulling the zipper down. Xu allowed the lower half of her uniform to drop to the bedroom floor and then she stepped out of it. Xu stood in front of Rinoa dressed only in her uniform blouse and pink cotton panties.

Xu stared intently at Rinoa in order to observe any responses in her, as Rinoa unsuccessfully attempted to hide a smirk at the ludicrous appearance of Xu wearing her SeeD uniform blouse and pink panties decorated with tiny ruffles.

Xu pointed out, “Your inappropriate laughter is a mask of your becoming sexually aroused from the sight of me.”

“Oh for God sakes” Rinoa protested.

“Me thinks thou dost protest too much,” quoted Xu, as she removed her uniform blouse displaying her pink bra.

Xu leaned over and, reaching behind her, unsnapped her bra and removed it. Rising up in front of Rinoa, she displayed her quite enormous breasts to the startled teenager. Rinoa, despite her best intentions, did find herself becoming slightly aroused because of the total insanity of having Commander Xu stand in front of her purposely only wearing pink panties.

Xu, continuing to stare intently at Rinoa, replied “Aha! I can perceive from your expression that you are interested now. Let’s discover what reaction this provokes,” Xu explained pulling down her pink panties and stepping out of them. Xu stood in front of Rinoa totally nude with her legs spread wide apart. Quite naturally, Rinoa’s attention was drawn to Xu’s mons pubis which was covered by thick black pubic hair, where she observed some slight moisture present on Xu’s distended labia.

Xu immediately perceived Rinoa was standing transfixed staring at her vagina and pointed out to the beautiful, totally nude, teenager “You are presently showing an inordinate and unhealthy interest in my sexual genitalia, Rinoa.”

Rinoa glanced up at Xu completely perplexed at this point, as to what Xu’s true intentions were. Xu stepped up to Rinoa and began to rub her nipples with her large hands.

“Xu!” Rinoa protested.

Continuing to gently rub Rinoa’s nipples until they became erect, Xu commented, “Now this proves my point exactly. You have become sexually aroused by a woman, Rinoa. You are in need of help, before this sick aberrant behavior destroys your moral fiber and then finally your life. I will prove to you once and for all that a woman cannot fulfill your sexual needs.”

Xu dropped to her knees in front of Rinoa’s exposed vagina and her face took on the appearance of someone lost in the ecstasy of prayer. Xu reached up with her hands and pulled the lips of Rinoa’s beautiful vagina wide open and commented “Now this is a strong, sturdy vagina from which you will be able to bear many children, if you are able to drop this sick fascination you have with having sex with women. Remember no decent man will want you, if you don’t!”

Rinoa began to squirm in Xu’s tight grip of her vagina.

“There!” Xu crowed, “You are becoming aroused by the ministrations of a woman holding your sexual organ that should only be fondled by a man. Now I am going to apply my tongue to your clitoris and I wish you to utilize your strongest will power in not becoming aroused.”

Before Rinoa could protest, as she was unable to move away because of the tight grip Xu had on her vagina, Xu buried her tongue into Rinoa’s heavily dripping vagina and vigorously manipulated her clitoris.

Rinoa began to squirm further in sexual pleasure and began to moan lowly. As Xu continued to move her tongue, Rinoa suddenly began to climax. Xu glanced up sternly “You have allowed yourself to be brought to an orgasm by a woman, Rinoa. You should be ashamed of yourself. Now I will have to drink your eggs, so they are not wasted on the floor, which would be a sin.”

Rinoa arched her back in sexual ecstasy as the cum cascaded from her vagina which Xu drank greedily, not allowing one drop to fall on the floor. When Rinoa had finally completed her cumming, she just wanted to sit down or better yet lay down, but Xu, whose face was covered with Rinoa’s cum, looked up and explained, “We will have to work further on this problem, Rinoa.”

Xu regained her feet and began to passionately kiss Rinoa, thrusting her tongue into Rinoa’s mouth. Rinoa stood listlessly, her sexual impulse momentarily satisfied, until Xu suddenly jammed three fingers on her right hand straight up the beautiful, teenager’s vagina, which caused Rinoa to attempt to step away from Xu. Xu pressed her left hand against Rinoa’s back and forced her back into the full impact of her fingers pounding in and out of Rinoa’s tight vagina.

After a couple of minutes of Xu ramming her fingers up and down in Rinoa’s exquisite vagina, Rinoa unbelievably began to experience yet another orgasm and then another one and then a final one with her cum rolling out of her from her multiple orgasms onto Xu’s hand and arm.  Rinoa screamed at the top of her lungs “Xu, I think I love you!”

Removing her fingers, Xu regained her feet and declared sternly, while Rinoa continued to experience her orgasm with her cum flowing from her vagina, “There! That’s exactly what I’m speaking of. This is abhorrent and unforgivable! You have declared your romantic love for a woman. As punishment you will have to wear your eggs on your body.” And Xu proceeded to wipe Rinoa’s cum all over her until she was literally dripping with it.

Rinoa, having finally completed her orgasms, stood dazed and watched absently, while Xu quickly donned her uniform and gathered up her pink bra and panties off the floor and held them in her right hand. Xu explained, “Since Squall will return tomorrow, you probably will be safe from this horrible affliction while he is present. If and when he is sent away on another assignment, I will visit you to ascertain if you’ve been able to make any progress with this terrible problem. I will leave you now, because I have duties on the bridge.”

A few minutes later, when Selphie returned to the room she discovered Rinoa standing in the same position with the proof of her orgasms still dripping from her body. “What the hell’s been going on here?” she demanded.

Rinoa just offered a bemused smile and, realizing it was Saturday, thought to herself “Thank God this week’s over.”

The End